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* HOT PRICE * Hayley Cherie® – LED Tea Lights (Set of 24) – Flameless Tealight Candles – Flickering Amber Yellow Flame – Battery Operated – Wedding Decor, Parties, Gifts

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Product Description

The Perfect Alternative to Traditional Tealight Candles!

Use Them Anywhere…

LED Tea Lights can be placed almost anywhere and inside any type of votive holder without the dangers of a hot burning flame. Have piece of mind when using them around children and pets.

• NO mess
• NO smoke
• NO odor
• NO danger!

Ambiance of Real Candles…

The subtle flicker and amber glow creates the same ambient mood of a real candle.

Battery Tea Lights are Long Lasting and Cost Effective…

• 24 pre-installed CR-2032 batteries included
• CR-2032 batteries are widely available and inexpensive.
• Will provide 100+ hours of light.
• LED bulbs have an average life span of 200,000 hours, so these will last for years!

Convenient and Easy to Use…

• Start using them immediately by simply removing the plastic tag from the bottom.
• Convenient ON/OFF switch on the bottom of each tealight.
• Batteries are easy to replace, by popping of the tab on the bottom.

High Quality

Our Flameless Tealights are made to a very high standard and are CE Certified. Each set is well packaged in a cardboard box. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our Flameless Tea Lights, let us know and we will make things right!

Set of 24 Flickering Flameless Tea Light Candles. Each LED Tealight has a SUBTLE FLICKERING effect to simulate the appearance of a real flame.
The LED Tea Lights emit a yellow, amber glow just like a real candle. No messy wax, no fire hazard and they are safe to have near children and pets.
These battery operated tea lights (aka electric tea lights) all come with a pre-installed CR2032 battery. These LONG LASTING batteries are very cost effective and can generate light for approx 100 hours. There is a simple ON/OFF switch on the bottom of each tea light.
Standard size (1.5″ x 1.5″) so they will fit into any votive or tea light holder. They are perfect for special occasions such as weddings and parties or use them to create an ambient atmosphere at the dinner table.
Our HIGH QUALITY Flameless Tea Lights are much safer, more economical and cost effective than traditional tea lights. Each set is well packaged, but if any LED Tea Lights do arrive damaged, just let us know and we’ll get a replacement in the mail ASAP at no charge!

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