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Jumbl Stainless Steel Serve-Chilled Salad Bowl | Dome Lid & Serving Utensils

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Serve cold salad, not salad mush.

As a hostess, you know that serving mushy, warm salad is a big no-no. This “Bowl on Ice” from Jumbl is an elegant, effortless solution that ensures you serve chilled, crunchy salad every time. It is composed of two independent bowls: a lower bowl that’s made of clear acrylic – you fill that with a bit a cubed or crushed ice and ice water – and an upper 18/8 stainless steel that goes into the acrylic bowl. You fill that with your salad or pasta. The steel absorbs cold from the ice, and in turn keeps the food perfectly chilled and fresh.

Dome lid and serving utensils included.

Especially useful for when entertaining outdoors, the included domed clear acrylic lid traps the cold air from the ice within the bowl while keeping the bugs out. Your food can thus remain cold for hours on end, even during outdoor events. When it comes to serving, the upper salad bowl can be spun on the ice for a special little presentation. You will also surely enjoy the two included acrylic serving utensils. They’re designed for easy grabbing of salad or pasta, and a cutout in the lid even accommodates them when in the bowl.

Do you need 2 salad bowls? Done.

When you don’t need the bowl-on-ice arrangement, the two bowls can serve as salad bowls – each in their own capacity. They separate instantly, and both feature flat, stable bottoms. The upper stainless steel bowl holds 4 quarts, while the lower clear acrylic bowl holds 6 quarts. Afraid you’ll have more to wash after the party? Don’t worry. Both bowls, as well as the included dome lid and the two serving utensils, clean away with water and soap. They are even dishwasher-safe, eliminating your need to stand over the sink at all.
Salad Bowl is Made of Shatterproof Acrylic – Holds Cubed or Crushed Ice
Upper Serving Bowl is made of High-Quality Stainless Steel
Over the Ice, Salad/Pasta Stays Chilled for Hours without Going Soggy
Clear Acrylic Dome Lid & Two Service Utensils are Included
Serving Set for Salad, Pasta etc. Provide a Nice Look for Entertaining

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