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Secret Life Placemat Reversible Silver Gray / Chocoolate Brown / Coral Orange Color Leaf Theme Woven Vinyl Placemats Set

$9.98 (as of January 16, 2019, 4:30 am)


Each can be wiped clean with a damp sponge or cloth. These special design can be dressed up or down and can be used indoors and outdoors. Secret Life vinyl placemats are both functional and elegant. These beautifully woven placemats give a contemporary look to any tabletop. These placemats are timeless and pair well with modern tableware as well as with more traditional tableware. The beautifully finished edges and intricate weave pattern make these classic placemats perfect for any occasion.

1) These Everyday placemats can use in anywhere , kitchen, hotel, dinner hall, office pantry.
2) Every of your guest will impressive these unique design placemat.
3) All Secret Life Vinyl are suitable for Outdoor and indoor use and meet your different needs.
4) Perfect for everyday use, easy to clean up. Hand wash in warm soapy water and wipe dry.

1) Use soapy water and brush directly, Please don’t use washing machine.
2) Some placemat may have bend during the shipping, just put on any place flat it will become smooth again. If there are some crease on it, just pour some hot water on the crease and smooth it, dry it under the shade.

1) How to clean to placemat? Can I use dishwasher ?
Wipe it with a wet cloth, for deep clean please use soapy water and brush directly, please don’t use dishwasher it may damage the placemat.

2) Up to what temperature it can withstand?
The highest temperature of 120 ??C (248 ??F).

3) What are the dimensions are this placemat?
The Placemat is 17.75″ 12″ inches, but there may be 0-0.2 inch error, but these will not affect the usage.

HOME UPGRADE – This woven placemat are most prefect and easy way to upgrade yours kitchen decor and kitchen set. These vinyl placemats are made of high grade vinyl, each piece die cut for precise edges.
EASY STORAGE – 4 or 6 pieces table mat multiply to cover a 6′ table dinner or larger. Each placemat are measured approx 1 millimeters, stack them together for easy and minimal storage space, lots of vibrant colors and pattern to easily change kitchen or dining room’s decorative theme.
IMPRESSIVE – They are beautiful made for outdoor and indoor use thanks to its water resistant super easy to clean fast drying features, imagine a patio party with these lovely placemats on the table would impress all those guests, not to mention spill s and stains just wipe right up.
PATTERN DESIGN – These secret life placemat are art. They are beautiful designed to make any kitchen dining room look good. They came in all the modern and classic patterns, all sorts of colors gold, blue, brown, leaf and trees, holiday themes, rectangular and square, you name it.
PREFECT SIZE – Each placemat measures 17.75″ x 12″ inches. Prefect for use in holiday, home parties, family gatherings, everyday dining, restaurants or coffee shops etc.

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