NordicWare Microwave Cookware

We stocked NordicWare Plastic Microwave Cookware for more than 15 years and I still use it in my home daily, so I can say without hesitation that it’s my Top Fave for plastic microwave cookware, plates, and bowls. Plus it’s made in the USA, gotta love that!

What makes NordicWare Plastic Microwave Cookware special?

First, it’s amazingly versatile, with many specialty cookware items designed to take full advantage of microwave cooking patterns.  Second, it’s crafted in a BPA-free, heat-tolerant plastic blend that is durable, break-resistant, dishwasher-safe, and (of course) suitable for microwave reheating and cooking. Third, appearance-wise most Nordicware microwave cookware pieces come in a neutral ivory finish so they coordinate well and don’t appear too “plastic-y.” The line creates a friendly, everyday look. Some pieces have lids, too, and easily go from the fridge to the microwave.

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Quick Tip: NordicWare includes cooking times and other microwave cooking tips on its packaging. I’ve found it helpful to cut these out and file them away in my recipe card box (under “M”). They’ve come in handy several times over the years.

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