The Best Drinking Glasses For Everyday Use

It’s a tall order to name the best drinking glasses sets out of the thousands of options out there. Luckily, I spent nearly two decades as a drinkware buyer for a top tableware retailer, so I come armed with a list of tried-and-true faves. For this review, I narrowed the field down to glassware brands […]

The 3 Best Types of Unbreakable Glassware for Home and Bar

For unbreakable drinking glasses in glass, Picardie tempered glasses are as close as you'll get

Virtually unbreakable drinking glasses are made one of three ways; by tempering, annealing, or using a molecular infusion of glass and metal such as titanium. Each method produces extremely break-resistant glass drinking glasses. While no glass is truly “unbreakable” under high impact, glasses made using these methods withstand far more abuse than standard glass drinking […]

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