Dos and Don’ts to Avoid Electric Shocks at Home

Let’s talk about something we all use every day: electricity. It’s like the superstar of modern life, powering everything from our gadgets to our coffee makers. But here’s the twist—it comes with some not-so-fun risks, like those pesky electric shocks. To keep your family safe and sound, we’ve got some ground rules. Think of them […]

5 Easy Ways to Child Proof Blind Cords & Windowcoverings

Modern products like cordless blinds deliver an array of stylish solutions without the worry of dangerous dangling blind cords. Or, you can easily childproof existing blinds and shades with inexpensive blind cord cleats, cord wraps, and breakaway tassels.

Keep Fright Night Fun With These 10 Halloween Safety Tips

Spooky decorations, creepy costumes and candy-filled visions spur kids – and often the entire family – into a fun-filled frenzy on Halloween. But don’t let hidden dangers spoil the evening for your ghouls and booys! Here are ten simple Halloween safety and planning tips to help keep fright night from becoming a real scare.

Family-Friendly Home Decor Ideas

Any parent knows that managing a home with busy kids – from toddlers to teens – can pose decorating challenges. But having children doesn’t mean delaying the dream of a stylish home. Our family-friendly home decor ideas cover five simple ways to add easy-care style to any room, on any budget. 1. Start With Easy-Clean […]

Faves! Vintage-Look Toys for Playful Decor Style

Retro- and vintage-look toys are a great decorator trick for adding kid-friendly, whimsical charm to busy family spaces. These fun, stylized toys complement many looks from casual to eclectic, and since they’re modern toys, you can be sure they’re safe to display around little ones. Antiques vs. Reproductions True antique toys offer well-loved charm that’s […]

Beyond Babyproofing: Fireplace Safety Tips and Hearth Safety

Fall winds and rustling leaves foretell of cozy family evenings around a crackling fire. A warm hearth is a welcoming spot in any home and a few simple fireplace safety precautions can help ensure that your fireplace, chimney, hearth or wood stove does not present a danger to tots and other family members this season. […]

Beyond Babyproofing: Shelf Safety & Stylish Options for Busy Family Homes

Shelves of every variety are a decorating and organizing staple that fulfill numerous roles throughout the home. Aside from how they look and how they’re used, most people don’t really give them a second thought… until a small child is introduced to the scene! Suddenly shelves are redefined as either a safety hazard — or […]

Beyond Babyproofing: Candle Safety & Worry-Free Flameless Options

If you enjoy the ambiance and great scents that candles add to a home, you’re not alone. Candle sales are up and they’re more popular than ever in home decorating, but there are a few things to remember before you light up…. especially if you have little ones running about. According to the National Fire […]

Beyond Babyproofing: Surprise New Grandparents with a Baby-Ready Gift Basket

Give new grandparents the tools they need for keeping busy grandkids! New grandparents play a special role in the lives of children, but they sometimes get overlooked amid the fuss over parents and a newborn. So why not shower grandparents with a little attention and a gift or two? There are many items that new […]

Fave! Lead Test Kits Make it Easy to Prevent Lead Exposure

Lead-contaminated childrens’ products have topped the recent news stories… and for good reason. Lead exposure can have a very profound and long-term negative affect on childrens’ health. So lead exposure is, and should remain, a concern to parents.

Beyond Babyproofing: Easter Safety Tips

Spring is here and with it comes Easter – a great reason to fill homes with fresh colors and whimsical accents in anticipation of a visit from everyone’s favorite bunny. Colorful eggs, chocolate rabbits, marshmallow chicks and bright centerpieces are tempting to all and irresistible to kids – though not always safe for the tots! […]

Baby Gate Reviews: Stairway Banister Installation Kit How-to’s

A professional babyproofer gave us the inside scoop on how to turn Cardinal Gates’ No-Holes Banister Clamps into a versatile kit that lets you install practically any baby safety gate onto stairway banisters. We sold this kit for years but since we quit selling gates due to shipping costs, we’re no longer stocking the kits […]

Safety Checklist: Top Tips for Creating Family-Friendly Homes

Simple changes, from the arrangement of items in a room to choices in homewares, can make a big difference in a home’s safety, ease of care, and even parental sanity! The following tips can help you create a home that’s safe for small children… yet still welcoming to grown-ups.

Fave! TV Straps Protect Children From a Deadly Home Hazard

It’s a tragedy that’s surprisingly common. A child reaching for something as mundane as a juice box pulls a heavy television over, is caught underneath, and loses his life. This terrible accident happened in a Chicago suburb just days ago but, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), it’s just the latest of this […]

It’s Fire Prevention Week – How to Keep Your Family Safe

Fire Prevention week is a great reminder to change the batteries in fire alarms and brush up on fire safety basics with the kids. In fact, the timing of Fire Prevention week is ideal — with winter and the holidays just around the corner, it’s a great time to consider fireplace, space heater, cooking and candle safety. Did you know these […]

Video DIY: Sensible Scents – A Look at Kid Safe Air Fresheners for Busy Homes

What Mom doesn’t want a fresh-smelling house? If you’ve been down the air freshener aisle at the grocery store lately, you’ve seen that air fresheners have come a long way in the past few years – but some are definitely better choices than others if you have small children or busy kids. Our Sensible Scents video […]

School Days… Back-to-School Safety Tips Can Help Prevent Accidents and Injuries

Safety issues can easily take a backseat amid the rush to stock up on fresh school supplies and fall’s hottest elementary-school fashions. But you might be surprised to know that school-related accidents account for about 2.2 million injuries each year in children under the age of 14. Happily, many of these are easily preventable. Here’s a look […]

Make “Big” Kids’ Rooms Safer in 5 Easy Steps

As little ones grow out of toddlerhood it’s natural for parents to breathe easier when it comes to childproofing. Baby gates come down and cabinet locks (thankfully) can come off. But don’t get too comfortable! Transforming nurseries into “big kid” rooms can add a new set of safety concerns, but they’re easily overcome. Here are five […]

Stay on Budget with a Babyproofing Plan

From diapers to formula, not to mention all the other “stuff,” parents can quickly find themselves spending a good amount of money on little ones’ needs. With a plan in-hand when you go shopping, you’ll avoid overspending on unnecessary items. Plus, you’ll have the right items and quantities on-hand when you begin to install, saving time and frustration.

Childproofing Checklist: Baby Safety Gates 101

Baby safety gates are effective barriers in many areas of the home and come in a variety of designs to meet different needs. Selecting the right gate for your space is key for both safety and livability – and it’s easy to do with a little pre-planning!

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