How To Make S’mores In The Microwave in Just 30 Seconds

Just when I thought it was safe to pull out my size 6 jeans, I find a microwave S’mores maker. S’mores, at home, without flaming marshmallows streaking through the air and landing on hapless siblings??? Happiness itself! If you have kids (or are still a kid yourself), and have a little extra storage space, it’s a fun and inexpensive addition to your kitchen treat makers.

Faves! NordicWare Plastic Microwave Cookware & Dishes

NordicWare Plastic Microwave Cookware is amazingly versatile, offering many specialty pieces that take full advantage of microwave cooking patterns. We stocked most of the line here for well over a decade and still use it daily both in our office kitchen and in our own homes. It’s definitely my Top Fave for plastic microwave dishes […]

The Miracleware Microwave Rice Cooker: Easy Cooking Instructions

If you’ve lost your MiracleWare or PrepSolutions Microwave Cookware Instructions and need a replacement copy, you can find them below. MiracleWare and PrepSolutions plastic microwave cookware collections are made by a terrific brand — Progressive Intl. — and we stocked and sold it ourselves for years. We recommend both collections if you’re looking for durable […]

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