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Plastic Tableware FYI

We’re often asked questions regarding the suitability, usability and even safety of plastic tableware products. There are many types of plastics on the market and each has unique strengths and weaknesses — and we know them ALL!

We’ve specialized in plastic tableware for both home and commercial use for nearly two decades.  We can certainly answer your questions accurately and are happy to give you our opinion on which type of plastic is best for your specific needs.

Below are some articles and videos we’ve produced to answer your questions and help make shopping for plastic glasses and dishes easier.

If you’re shopping, be sure to visit our Plastic Drinkware Store to see our collection of favorite lines, and our Plastic Tableware Faves & Finds to see reviews on hot new finds and all-time faves!

The Ultimate Plastic Tableware Shopping Guide

Smart shoppers actually can find plastic tableware that outlasts the season if you know what to look for, and what to avoid.

Tips to Keep Dishwasher Safe Plastic Glasses Looking Good

Here are tips to help you enjoy the benefits of energy-star dishwashers without giving up the convenience of plastic tableware.

Video: 3 Simple Ways to Tell if Plastic Drinkware is BPA-Free

Many different plastics used to make quality plastic dishes and glasses are, and have always been, BPA-Free!

The Guide to Plastic Tableware Recycling Numbers & BPA

We’ve compiled the following to accurately answer any questions you may have about recycling numbers & BPA.

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