5 Yummy Recipes Using Tortilla Chips

Another Superbowl is in the bag, party cleanup is done, and thanks to the generosity of our guests, we have about 10 bags of leftover tortilla chips. Now I am a true Texan and chips and salsa practically runs through my veins, but even I am hard pressed to eat 10 bags of chips in […]

Fave! Cakepops Made Easy with the Cake Pops Baking Pan

If you’re a fan of cakepops (and really, who isn’t?), then you’ll love this kitchen fave. It’s the Cake pops Baking Pan, proudly made in the USA by bakeware leader, NordicWare. Making cakepops usually involves rolling crumbled bits of cake together with frosting to create the “pop”. While this method works, it’s a messy process […]

3 Super-Easy Super Bowl Party Menu Ideas

superbowl party game day menus

The last place any Superbowl party host wants to be on game day is stuck in the kitchen wondering about the latest score. Since we host annual Superbowl parties with upwards of 60 guests I have, in the past, found myself stuck in the kitchen doing just that. But no more! Now I serve up […]

Easy Hummus Recipe: Better Than Store-Bought

easy homemade hummus dip recipe

The best hummus recipe!  5/5 Hummus… this versatile dip essential to middle-eastern cuisine is moving mainstream. Rich, creamy and protein-packed, it’s a great way to add a healthy and flavorful kick to your next party or get-together. Store-bought hummus is delicious but is often made with far more fat than needed, so I always make my […]

Super Easy Guacamole Dip Recipe

5 minute guacamole recipe

I’m a born-and-bred Texan, so guacamole is essentially my fifth food group (together with salsa and queso). It’s a staple as necessary as olive oil in my kitchen. Seriously, what’s not to love about this healthy, yummy, easy-to-make dip? Loaded with nutrition and healthy fats (yes!), it spices up or cools down any number of […]

How to Cook Up the Perfect Easter Egg

Decorating and hunting brightly colored eggs tops many Easter to-do list, and it all starts with the simple boiled egg. Here are a few tips for cooking up the perfect egg without cracking shells, and how to keep them fresh so they don’t go to waste after Easter. To boil up the perfect Easter egg, […]

RECIPE: The World’s Easiest Stuffed Bell Peppers

This recipe invented itself last night out of necessity and I’m so, so glad for it. I had a stack of beautiful red, green and yellow bell peppers left over from a video shoot Friday (used them in a  vegetable centerpiece, fun!), and I thought, Yum! Stuffed bell peppers for Sunday dinner. Well, as usual, […]

Create a Family Movie & MYO Pizza Night that Begs an Encore Performance

family night ideas, family pizza and movie night ideas

Looking for a little family time? Try luring everyone in for an evening with a movie and make-your-own pizza night. All it takes is a quick stop at the store for a few pizza essentials and a great movie to have family night in the bag. Here are a few ideas to get you started. […]

Home Alone with a Banana Pudding… a Recipe with a Confession

Simple banana pudding recipe

Despite the title, I am not right now at home, alone, with a banana pudding. If I were I’d be home alone, but the banana pudding would be long gone — all of it, down the the last pudding-soaked ‘Nilla-wafery crumb. I love it that much. No, instead I’m at work suffering through the knowledge […]

A Superbowl Party Menu Idea That’s Easy on the Cook!

If you’re like me, the last place you want to be on game day is in the kitchen yelling into the family room to get the latest score. But I’ve found myself there in the past – especially since hosting Superbowl is a bit of a tradition in our home. For example, last year we had more than 60 […]

Video DIY: How to Make Custom Recipe Binders & Card Boxes

Recipe binders are a great way to organize all of those clipped recipes from magazines, recipe printouts, and cards all in one convenient go-to cookbook. Customized recipe binders with a few family favorites tucked inside are also wonderful gifts for brides, new moms, kids starting out, or friends and family. Plus we have some ideas for making custom recipe boxes, too! Here’s a look […]

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