Easy DIY Daybed Dust Ruffle Decorating Project

We bought a white iron daybed for my then-three-year-old daughter’s “big girl bed.” Daybeds are decorative and functional choices in kids’ rooms for many reasons. First, without the trundle unit underneath, daybeds provide ample out-of-the-way storage for children’s toys, etc. Second, as children get older, adding the trundle unit provides stow-able bed space for sleepovers […]

DIY Decorative Book Baskets for Kids Rooms

Kids books come in many shapes and sizes which can make storing them on shelves or between bookends difficult – not to mention messy and often hard for little ones to manage! Our solution? We made handy DIY decorative book baskets to help kids easily sort and store books and keep them within easy reach. […]

Fave! Wire Storage Cubes for Quick, Cheap Home Organization

home organization wire shelves cubes

From kids’ rooms and family areas to closets and bathrooms, I’ve been using these versatile wire-sided storage cube units with great satisfaction for years. Decades even. In fact, I recently put the bits and pieces that I managed to save from my first college dorm set to work in my closet. Happily, I was even able to expand on the parts I had […]

Make “Big” Kids’ Rooms Safer in 5 Easy Steps

As little ones grow out of toddlerhood it’s natural for parents to breathe easier when it comes to childproofing. Baby gates come down and cabinet locks (thankfully) can come off. But don’t get too comfortable! Transforming nurseries into “big kid” rooms can add a new set of safety concerns, but they’re easily overcome. Here are five […]

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