3 Tips for Fitting Sofa Slipcovers with Loose Cushions

Finding and fitting slipcovers for sofas with loose cushions or pillows on the back can be challenging, but we found an easy way to get it done. This simple method works with most standard slipcovers, including loose-fit and stretch-fit styles from top brands like Surefit, Easy-Going, and PureFit. Our Loose-Cushion Sofa Slipcover Project This sofa […]

Five Reasons to Switch to a Smart Door Lock Now

Smart locks come in all shapes and styles and offer added security on any budget

If you’re still using a traditional key and lock system on your doors, it’s time for an upgrade. Smart door locks offer many advantages over traditional counterparts, from convenience and peace of mind to increased security and curb appeal. You also have several options when it comes to smart lock technology, from inexpensive keypad locks […]

Tips for Picking the Best Wall Paints for Kids

Over the years, we’ve been asked about the best paint for children’s bedrooms, nurseries, and busy family spaces. While we’re not professional painters, we seem to make a hobby of painting, re-painting, and re- re-painting our homes, so we feel very qualified to tackle this question. Happily, it’s an easy answer… Paint formulation and finish […]

Slipcover Shopping Guide

We’ve helped thousands of customers choose the right slipcover solution for their home, and have made or installed countless slipcovers ourselves. Though we no longer sell ready-made furniture slipcovers, we’ve compiled this slipcover shopping guide to help you pick the slipcover solution – from ready-mades, to custom, to do-it-yourself – that best fits your home, […]

Faves! Battery-Operated Candles & Lighting

Safe, smart, worry-free, and smoke-free — battery-operated candles are a great way to enjoy candlelight wherever and whenever, without the danger of an open flame. Whether you’re shopping for home decor candles, outdoor lighting, or party lighting, you’ll find a variety of flameless candles on the market these days to fit any need — along […]

Faves! Easy-Clean Pillows for Kid-Friendly Style

As one of the easiest, quickest and least expensive home decorating solutions, throw pillows are a particularly easy way for parents to add a dash of style to busy family rooms without worry.

Faves! Washable Area Rugs Perfect for Busy Family Life

Have an area in your home that needs a style refresher or a pop of color to liven things up? Area rugs offer a quick and easy room makeover. In fact, they’re often the first thing professional decorators pull out of their bag of tricks. But what if your home plays host to busy kids […]

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