Dos and Don’ts to Avoid Electric Shocks at Home

Let’s talk about something we all use every day: electricity. It’s like the superstar of modern life, powering everything from our gadgets to our coffee makers. But here’s the twist—it comes with some not-so-fun risks, like those pesky electric shocks. To keep your family safe and sound, we’ve got some ground rules. Think of them […]

Five Reasons to Switch to a Smart Door Lock Now

Smart locks come in all shapes and styles and offer added security on any budget

If you’re still using a traditional key and lock system on your doors, it’s time for an upgrade. Smart door locks offer many advantages over traditional counterparts, from convenience and peace of mind to increased security and curb appeal. You also have several options when it comes to smart lock technology, from inexpensive keypad locks […]

Childproofing Checklist: Safe Trekking with Toddlers

As any parent knows, taking young children for visits away from their childproofed, kid-friendly home can be stressful – sometimes downright unnerving. New surroundings inspire kids to touch, test and even taste whatever they find. Such curiosity is natural. But for guests and hosts alike, it can make a visit anything but relaxing! You can […]

Beyond Babyproofing: Fireplace Safety Tips and Hearth Safety

Fall winds and rustling leaves foretell of cozy family evenings around a crackling fire. A warm hearth is a welcoming spot in any home and a few simple fireplace safety precautions can help ensure that your fireplace, chimney, hearth or wood stove does not present a danger to tots and other family members this season. […]

Beyond Babyproofing: Candle Safety & Worry-Free Flameless Options

If you enjoy the ambiance and great scents that candles add to a home, you’re not alone. Candle sales are up and they’re more popular than ever in home decorating, but there are a few things to remember before you light up…. especially if you have little ones running about. According to the National Fire […]

Faves! Battery-Operated Candles & Lighting

Safe, smart, worry-free, and smoke-free — battery-operated candles are a great way to enjoy candlelight wherever and whenever, without the danger of an open flame. Whether you’re shopping for home decor candles, outdoor lighting, or party lighting, you’ll find a variety of flameless candles on the market these days to fit any need — along […]

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