Break-Resistant Glasses - Real Glass Drinkware

If you just GOTTA have glass, here are some great choices! We carried a few remarkably durable break resistant glasses and drinkware lines in real glass over the years. We highly recommend our top faves listed below if you’re looking for style and durability in real glass drinking glasses, tumblers and stemware. Some of our top-rated glassware picks are made in tempered glass, while others are made of glass infused with titanium or other food-safe metals to enhance their toughness.Either way, they all are designed to withstand the rigors of restaurant and hotel use, so they’re the very best glass break resistant glasses choices for busy homes.

NOTE! In our tests we were able to ultimately break every break-resistant glass brand by slamming them hard onto a tile floor. If you want 100% unbreakable, you should stick with plastic. BUT, if you want glass, the following will definitely hold up to everyday bangs and bumps on the table, sink and dishwasher to provide years of use.

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