Insulated Plastic Tumblers

Insulated plastic tumblers are the rage these days, probably because of our busy, on-the-go lifestyles. We stocked a large selection of insulated plastic tumblers and mugs in our warehouse for years and can say, without doubt, that two US-made lines rise to the top when it comes to quality and options – Tervis Tumblers and Signature Insulated Drinkware.

Both lines are made from extremely break-resistant, dishwasher- and microwave reheat-safe plastic. Both brands have been around for decades and maintain great reputations for standing behind products with free replacements if they ever leak. The lines are very similar in design, each makes just a few basic sizes and styles in both tumblers and mugs — but they offer tons of decorative options including images, logos, full wraps… you name it! The choice really comes down to size and decoration. Of course, both brands make clear tumblers and mugs, too.

Accessories for insulated tumblers have become hot lately and these add-ons extend their use far beyond the kitchen table. Snap-on straw and coffee lids, slide-on handles, and sport bottle-style flip tops really turn these tumblers into go-anywhere drinkware. Tumblers fit in most car cup holders, too!

Our favorite insulated plastic tumblers are listed in Clear below. The decorated tumblers are just too numerous to include on one page! Click here to see the decorative insulated tumblers on Amazon: Tervis Insulated Drinkware Designs , Signature Insulated Drinkware Designs

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