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Baby Gate Installation Kit Reviews & Where to Buy: Metal Stairway Railing Installation Kit by Cardinal

For informational purposes only. If you’re unsure of your skills installing baby gates or other childproofing items, hiring a licensed installer is the smart choice!

Cardinal Gates’ Metal Railing Installation Kit offers a quick and easy solution for installing baby safety gates onto stairways with standard metal ad decorative wrought iron railings – IF the size is right!

What It Fits:
As packaged, the Cardinal Metal Railing Installation Kit fits square, round and twisted metal posts and spindles up to 3/4″ across (or diameter for round spindles). This is a pretty standard spindle measurement for builder-grade railings and even many custom decorative wrought iron railings.

What It Won’t Fit:
It won’t work on metal spindles or posts larger than 3/4″ across (diameter), or on spindles with decorative knobs in the middle.

How to Measure:
First measure the width of the post or spindle. This can be tricky with round or twisted spindles, but if you just hold a ruler or tape measure against the post, you can line the edges up and get the measurement. Also measure the height of the top railing from the floor. If the height is more than 32″, this kit should fit under the top rail and work fine.

How to Install This Kit:
The Cardinal Metal Railing Baby Gate Installation Kit includes

  • 28″ x  2.5″ x  3/4″ Unfinished predrilled wooden bar
  • Two U-bolts with protective plastic tubing and locking nuts.

The wood bar attaches to one metal spindle/post on the stair railing using the U-bolts.  The bottom U-bolt attaches to the spindle/post and the wood bar sits on the bottom railing. The top U-bolt secures the wood bar at the top of the spindle/post.

On most standard railings, the wood bar fits just under the top railing to provide a flat, vertical wood surface for hardware mounted baby gates.

Our Installation Notes:
The wood bar is 3/4″ thick so it’s not terribly bulky once installed on your railing. In our experience, the screws included with many hardware-mounted baby gates are longer than 3/4″. Our babyproofing advisor recommends using wood screws 3/4″ long to install gate hardware to the Cardinal kit’s wood bar so screws do not run through the wood. If needed, wood screws can be found at any hardware store.

On some custom or older railings, the wood bar may not fit underneath the top railing as it comes packaged. This is uncommon, but we have see it. Re-drilling the holes to set the bar lower can make it work on most non-standard stair railings.

The U-Bolts fit on metal posts and spindles up to 3/4" width/diameter
The U-Bolts fit on metal posts and spindles up to 3/4″ width/diameter

Which Baby Gates Work With This Installation Kit:
This kit is made by Cardinal Gates, so it works with the Cardinal Stairway Special Baby Gate, Cardinal Auto Lock Baby Gate and Cardinal Wood Baby Gates. For other brands, if the mounting hardware is less than 2″ wide it should fit — such as the KidCo Safeway Stairway Gate.

Which Baby Gates Won’t Work With This Installation Kit:
Extra tall gates may not work with this kit if the installed distance between the bottom and top mounting pieces is more than 26″.

The Best Price for the Cardinal Metal / Wrought Iron Stairway Installation Kit:
Cardinal Gates sells direct through Amazon, so that’s consistently the best price we’ve found. Plus —  you can get Free Shipping if you’re an Amazon Prime member. Here’s the link to this item on

Our Baby Gate Picks for Stairways Using This Kit:
Our first choice for stairway gates is Cardinal Gates – it’s the brand most babyproofing pros use. The installation is about the easiest of any brand, plus the mounting hardware is metal, unlike most other brands which use plastic in their mounting brackets.

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  1. Hello Simply Smart Living,

    This guide is very helpful for me and honestly what I really needed now.
    I also appreciate you mention Cardinal gates, since I also recommend it to install the Cardinal gates at the top of stairs.

  2. I have a client who’s daughter figured out how to detach part of the baby gate and managed to go up a flight of stairs on her own. She’s pretty independent but the parents are pretty nervous about it because they have a younger child who’s only 10 months and follows his big sister everywhere! I’m talking them about getting a better gate and these details are good tips to show them – thanks!

  3. I own a mobile welding business, and have created some wrought iron gates for baby proofing measures. This is a great article. I should create some DIY things like this. Thank for posting. I enjoyed this.

  4. My little baby just started walking, and he is unstoppable.Right now I am undecided between a readymade and DIY baby gate, So I am considering all the options.This article has covered so many things. I am definitely bookmarking this one.

    1. Thanks! We’ve installed many gates over the years. Plus, our partner babyproofer had custom-made designer gates but used the installation and latching hardware from the Cardinal Stairway gates since they’re so reliable. Good luck!


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