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The Latest Faves & Finds from Our Tableware & Kitchenware Trend Spotters!

Review: The 3 Best Choices for Unbreakable Plastic Glasses

Unbreakable plastic glasses are made from three different types of plastic -- polycarbonate, Tritan, and polypropylene. Drinkware made from acrylic plastic, acrylic blends, and other plastics aren't as durable as these three. When shopping, you'll find the words...

Review: 6 Best Plastic Wine Glasses on Amazon 2018

For the best selection of plastic wine glasses, Amazon is the hands-down winner. We've stocked many of the plastic wine glasses sold on Amazon over the years, so I know firsthand what the different brands offer, and where they fall short. Here's a detailed review the...

We Review the Best “Unbreakable” and Break-Resistant Glassware

If plastic drinkware isn't your cup of tea, there are durable glass alternatives that hold up surprisingly well in a busy home. Most break-resistant glassware lines were developed to withstand the rigors of the restaurant industry -- and I know them well from my days...

Fave! Michley Unbreakable Plastic Tumblers & Wine Glasses

In the market for elegant, unbreakable, dishwasher-safe plastic glasses, tumblers and stemware that can survive the bumps, bonks and splats of a busy home, patio, bar or restaurant? Michley plastic drinkware is sure to meet your every expectation.At first glance, I...

Faves! Plastic Tableware

If you’re on the hunt for plastic tableware for any reason -- everyday, special occasion, outdoor, or a fun look -- you'll discover a selection that has never been better! Plastic tableware has moved far, FAR beyond thin picnic plates in kitschy designs, thanks to...

Fave! Strahl Unbreakable Plastic Drinkware

Strahl plastic glassware is a Top Tableware Fave in my book for style, quality and durability. I know the line very well since we stocked and sold it for over 15 years, plus I've used it in my own home even longer than that. Strahl is sold directly through Amazon so...

Faves! Plastic Drinkware: Cups, Glasses & Tumblers

If you’re in the market for plastic glasses or tumblers of any sort you're in luck. Plastic drinkware is no longer a seasonal line. We retail buyers source it year-round and it commands a proud place as an everyday essential on store shelves and kitchen tables. Chalk...

Fave! Forever & Grand Plastic Drinkware by Prodyne

We stocked Prodyne brand kitchenware for many years and their Forever & Grand unbreakable plastic drinkware lines are tops in my drinkware Top Faves. We no longer carry Prodyne since they sell direct on Amazon now, but we sold it for over a decade, so I know it...

Fave! Napa BPA-Free Plastic Wine Glasses & Stemware

The plastic stemware collection we once sold under the Napa brand now goes by many names -- Sonoma, Leadingware, even Wine Enthusiast on occasion. But whatever the name, these plastic wine glasses are a Top Fave in my book. They're simply the closest match in size,...