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Fave! Countertop Composters – An Easy First Step in Cutting Household Waste

I admit I’m not likely to be the greenest gal in the crowd, but I try to do my part. So I’m always thrilled to find products that make “doing my part” easy — and countertop composters do just that.

These compact, trashcan-style containers are made to sit on the kitchen countertop so you can easily collect food scraps during meal prep. But don’t be fooled by the name  — you don’t actually compost in countertop composters. They’re really geared for collecting scraps in a tidy, odor-free manner, so you can tote them to the compost pile every day or two.

I find countertop composters are much better than simply collecting scraps in a bowl for a few reasons. One, they have a lid with a charcoal filter that absorbs odors — so if you don’t take it out overnight, the smell won’t give you away.  Two, they’re pretty cute on the countertop and are even kid-sized, so they’re a great way to get kids involved in greener thinking – and maybe even meal prep.

And if you’re not too hot on the idea of cleaning your countertop composter each time you dump it, biodegradable composter liner bags can help keep it squeaky clean.

If you’re already composting — or considering giving it a try — a countertop composter can certainly make it easier to put your family’s food scraps to work in the garden instead of the landfill.

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    1. Thanks! I definitely know where to look online for my outdoor composting needs, now, too. Nice site.

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