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DIY Budget-Friendly Holiday Gift Bag Ideas

Here are some super MYO-gift-bagseasy DIY fun holiday gift bag ideas. They’re fun ways to go green – and even save a little green – when it comes to gift bags this holiday season.

DIY Christmas & Holiday Gift Bags

Instead of buying new or holiday-specific gift bags this year, why not make your own out of the shopping bags you’ve accumulated? Most mall and department store paper shopping bags can be easily embellished with holiday motifs.

Just cut some simple tree, ornament or other Christmas or holiday shape (like our snowman) out of colored paper – scrapbook paper works great, too, and attach using a glue stick or double-sided tape. Or, recycle some old Christmas cards to cover store logos. Add coordinating tissue paper and voila!

Gift the Gift of Green with Reusable Shopping Bags

Pick up a few reusable shopping bags, like our colorful JAM Bags Reusable Shopping Bags and Totes pictured above, and use them for your gift bag – and it becomes part of the gift itself! Many reusable shopping bags are inexpensive, often costing the same or just a bit more than a paper gift bag (JAM bags start at just $4.50), but they’re much more useful. So, for roughly the same money, you can gift a little green this year!Jam-bags-gift-bags

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