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Easter DIY: Egg-Cellent Easter Egg Tulips


Add a touch of springtime freshness to your Easter tabletop with our stylish (and inexpensive) Easter Egg Tulips project. Best of all, kids of any age can help with this easy craft and will be so proud to see their creation on display.

In our project, we used styrofoam eggs from the craft store and painted them to resemble tulip petals. These are inexpensive and tough enough for toddlers to help paint. Other options include plastic eggs filled with lightweight treats or blown eggshells dyed with Easter egg dye.

You’ll need:

  • 3 Eggs per pot: We used styrofoam eggs since they’re very durable. You can also use blown eggs or plastic eggs.
  • Craft Paints – white and your choice of color (or Easter egg dye if using blown eggs)
  • Green pipe cleaners
  • Green fun foam or construction paper
  • Clean soup can
  • Spray paint, fabric scraps, ribbon or decorative paper for can
  • 2 Cups dried beans — OR modeling clay or floral foam
  • Green raffia, Easter grass or paper shreds
  • Tools: Scissors, Toothpicks, Paintbrushes or Sponge, Craft Glue or Hot Glue

Step 1 — Paint or Dye Eggs: We used styrofoam eggs and painted them to resemble tulip petals. To paint this finish, insert a toothpick into the bottom of the egg, swirl (don’t mix completely) white paint with your chosen color and use a brush or a sponge to apply, starting at the bottom, pull color up to the top. Repeat until you have a slightly striated petal texture.

Step 2 — Affix Pipe Cleaners: To make a sturdy, realistic stem, twist two pipe cleaners together, then spiral the top around a pen or pencil to create a circle to attach the egg. Glue the large end of each egg to its stem. From the green fun foam or construction paper, cut 1-2 long, thin tulip leaves per stem and attach.

Step 3 — Decorate your “Pot”: Decorate the soup can with spray paint, fabric, ribbon and/or paper embellishments. We spray painted the can white and glued a strip of fabric and ric-rack around the middle.

Step 4 — Plant your Tulips: Arrange the tulips at varying heights and twist the stem bottoms together to anchor them in the pot. Hold stems upright in can while you fill the can with beans. (**If you have babies or toddlers, anchor stems with modeling clay or floral foam instead of beans since the beans can be a choking hazard if spilled.) Top with raffia, Easter grass or paper shreds.

Step 5 — Enjoy! Create several for a tailored centerpiece or mantle decoration, or use alone to accent tabletops or shelves.

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