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Faves! Battery-Operated Candles & Lighting

Safe, smart, worry-free, and smoke-free — battery-operated candles are a great way to enjoy candlelight wherever and whenever, without the danger of an open flame. Whether you’re shopping for home decor candles, outdoor lighting, or party lighting, you’ll find a variety of flameless candles on the market these days to fit any need — along with other nifty flame-free decorative lighting options.

I’m really impressed with the realistic glow and flickering flame that many battery-operated candle brands offer nowadays. You’ll find just about any shape, too — pillars, votives, tea lights, tapers, and decorative figures. Plus many feature timers to preserve battery life and even remote controls for convenient use in lighting fixtures and high shelves and windows.

You can spend a lot or a little, the price range really varies! We carried low- to moderately-priced battery operated candles for years and had very few customer complaints, so I opt for the lower priced brands — they do the job quite well.

We sold a few flameless candle brands over the years, but most are sold direct from the manufacturer on Amazon now, so we no longer stock them. But I definitely recommend several of my Top Faves if you’re on the hunt for safer lighting!

Mark Feldstein Battery-Operated Candles

We carried this brand for years and I use them at home daily. I haven’t had one stop working yet, and that’s going on 5 years. This collection covers just about every basic candle shape you could ask for, many with timers, plus they have some fun battery-operated decorative lamps — all at great prices.

LED Lytes

This line offers flickering-flame real wax pillars with remote controls, some even have a multicolor setting for the flicker. This is another line that really delivers in looks and function at a great price.

Battery Operated Votives & Tapers

Some manufacturers specialize in commercial-use battery-operated tea lights, votives, and taper candles for churches, weddings, and special events. I haven’t used each of these brands myself, but I’ve seen them over the years at the buyer’s markets and all are reliable brands. Plus a few of our catering customers recommend them — and they’re a picky bunch when it comes to things working as they should!

Holispheres Light Forms

This isn’t a battery-operated option, but is worth a BIG mention when talking about flame-free decorative lighting — especially for parties and holiday decorating. Holispheres is a set of nifty round forms that work with electric string lights to make giant light balls. You can hang them, stack in a display, or line a walkway — endless possibilities! Best of all, the durable plastic forms collapse flat for storage. I know the inventor (he’s from right here in Houston) and he’s created a great product that’s easy to use and quite unique.

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