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Faves! Recipe Organizers

Ask any cook what they love to collect and recipes are sure to be a top answer. From magazine clippings to computer printouts to well-loved recipe cards handed down through the years, organizing recipes in their many forms can be a daunting task. Luckily there are numerous recipe organizers to suit just about any collecting style — from simple recipe card boxes to high-tech apps. Over the years, we sold several boxes and binders in our webstore and I use them often, but I’ve also added a few tech-inspired resources to my recipe organizing!

Recipe Apps for Phone and Tablets

I think the greatest innovation in cooking since the invention of the gas stove is the internet. Recipe sites and their clever apps have (just about) done away with my hand-written shopping lists. Great recipe sites like, and the Food Network’s Recipe Box (to name a small few) make it easy to pick a dish, hit the store on the way home, and cook up a great meal. Your favorite grocery store’s website probably offers a recipe app too, and you can usually tie their promotions and coupons to your list.

With phone or tablet in hand while shopping at the store, then propped on a stand (Fave! The Prepara with Stylus) to display recipes while cooking, these are the recipe organizers for the new millennium.

Recipe Binder Organizers

Recipe binders are very popular and it’s fun to add in some scrapbook embellishments to make binders personal. They’re a great way to gift family favorites to brides and kids moving out on their own, too. We carried the Collected Recipes brand for several years and that’s what I use at home. I appreciate that Collected Recipes used a standard 3-ring binder style (unlike some other recipe binder brands), so you can use fill pages and tab sheets from the office supply store if you run out.

Recipe Card Boxes

There are a ton of options out there for recipe boxes, but we sold these clear acrylic ones for years because customers liked the compact size. I like the clear boxes because they’re easy to personalize with a jazzed-up front card — scrapbook embellishments to the rescue! I’m also a fan of bamboo recipe boxes because bamboo is virtually waterproof… naturally. Plus it’s a greener choice!

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