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Tips for Picking the Best Wall Paints for Kids

Flat, Gloss, Eggshell… Oh, My! Which interior paints are best for busy family homes?

Over the years, we’ve been asked about the best paint for children’s bedrooms, nurseries, and busy family spaces. While we’re not professional painters, we seem to make a hobby of painting, re-painting, and re- re-painting our homes, so we feel very qualified to tackle this question.

Happily, it’s an easy answer…

Paint formulation and finish have as much impact on long-term satisfaction as color choice. Luckily, there are plenty of durable, easy-clean choices in a variety of finishes and paint formulations. You just need to know your options so you can pick the best combination for your needs.

Here’s a look at the basic differences between interior paints commonly found in home improvement stores, plus some low-maintenance ideas for painting high-traffic areas and busy family spaces.

Interior Paint Types & Finishes

Water-based latex and oil-based enamel are the two most common paint types used.

  • Oil-based Paints — This paint formulation once had a more durable, easier-clean finish than latex, but that’s no longer the case. Much harder to work with and clean up.
  • Water-based Latex Paints  — These paint formulations now rate higher in scrub ability than oil-based paint, and that’s not all. Latex paint emits far fewer smelly VOCs (volatile organic chemicals) than oil-based paint, making it the ideal choice for busy family home interiors. You can even find VOC-free paints.

Interior paints also come in several finishes, referred to as sheen. Sheen describes the amount of reflection or shine the painted surface has when dry.

Listed here from the lowest sheen to the highest sheen, paint finishes range from:

Matte > Flat > Eggshell > Satin > Semi-gloss > Gloss

Semi-gloss and gloss are usually reserved for trim and cabinetry while walls generally are painted in a less glossy finish, usually flat or eggshell.

Durability and Cleaning: Does the Finish Matter?

Years ago, satin or semi-gloss wall finishes were popular for dirt-prone high traffic areas since they were easier to clean. But nowadays, decorator-inspired flat and eggshell wall finishes are far more popular and paint manufacturers have responded in kind. Lower sheen finishes are now formulated to be as scrubbable and easy to clean as the semi-gloss of old, so there’s no need to sacrifice style for an easy-clean finish.

Our Interior Paint Faves

Regardless of the finish, our hands-down favorites are Home Depot’s Behr Marquis Interior and Premium Plus Ultra (with the built-in primer) – both offer great coverage, durability, and clean-ability at a reasonable cost. In fact, Consumer Reports’ annual paint review consistently agrees with us 🙂 and lists these Behr paints as a top value.

We also love Sherwin Williams ProClassic Semi-Gloss for trim, especially if painting over an oil-based paint — it’s expensive but goes a long, long way. Lowe’s Valspar Reserve, Signature, and Ultra round out our list of top contenders for interior paint year after year.

Brushes & Rollers Matter

Remember! You can buy the top-rated paint on the planet, but sub-par brushes and rollers will ruin your look. Pro-quality brushes and rollers are worth the extra dollar or two, believe me! Here are some great deals for you.

The Woolie Dual-Roller faux finish paint kit makes it easy to create a multi-dimensional look in any room.

Faux Finishes: Worry-Free Solutions for Busy Spaces

Faux finishes such as ragging or sponging are fun, creative, and very livable options for kids’ rooms and other busy family spaces. Our favorite tool for this is the Woolie Dual-Roller Kit, shown here.

Along with the variety of looks you can create, faux finishes tend to hide dirt and fingerprints. And if disaster strikes in the form of a crayon, it’s easy to camouflage with a few strategic sponge pats.

Traditional faux finishes are (at least) a two-step process. First, you’ll paint a base coat, then hand-apply a sheer overcoat with a sponge or cheesecloth rag. A satin or semi-gloss base cost is best for this process since it won’t absorb the topcoat too quickly. This allows you to get creative with the faux layer.

Or, you can use our recommended Woolie dual-roller kit and get a great multi-dimensional look in one step. Here are some other faux-finish paint kits that you can use to create a variety of looks.

8 Responses

  1. I have a grandbaby and 3 dogs one being a cane corsair drool everywhere my paint will not come clean even with magic eraser. I used Behrman but it’s been painted many years. I’m sick of the dark colors I want bright and happy bow. Please help me but I’ve got to be able to scrub non stop.

    1. It sounds like a trip to the paint store might be in order, your best bet may be going with a semi gloss or gloss finish oil-base. That’s the least absorbent finish, but oil base is a bit more work to apply since it does not clean with water, but it’s super-durable. See is they have any low-VOC oil base versions since a baby is in the house.

  2. We moved into our first owned home this summer. We have four kids and man our walls get dirty. The paint they have on the walls feels like watercolr paint. I hate it. I want something that is very easy to clean off and can clean writing and markings off as well. And also something that isnt ao fough textured bc i hate it.

    1. The scrubbable paints by Behr, Glidden, SW and many others are great for cleanability and durability yet are water-based for easy application clean-up. You might just have old paint that is in desperate need of an update, and a scrubbable paint will make a huge difference. BUT – I still say that gloss finish oil-based paints are the most dirtproof option for busy areas – but the look and finish isn’t what everyone wants these days – it’s a bit shiny and reflective.

  3. Hi I have 4 going in 5 children. I live in a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment in NYC my walls can’t seem to stay clean! Please give me a paint solution!! I will go purchase what ever you tell me to ! I just want to be able to wipe my walls clean if they do get dirty.

    1. Any scrubbable paint will make a huge difference. If you go to a dedicated paint store like Sherwin-Williams, they usually have sample boards painted with different finishes and formulations so you can see the difference and even test cleanability. The big home improvement stores don’t usually go to that level of demonstration in store. The scrubbable paints by Behr (Home Depot), Valspar (Lowes), Glidden, Sherwin-Williams are great for cleanability and durability yet are water-based for easy application clean-up. BUT – I still say that gloss finish oil-based paints are the most dirtproof option for busy areas – but the look and finish isn’t what everyone wants these days – it’s a bit shiny and reflective.

  4. My mother is looking for a strong paint save for children to paint our table. what should she use?

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