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5 Easy Ways to Add Color to Fall Decorating with Inexpensive Silk Leaves

Make this Thanksgiving wreath with silk leaves and a little glue

Fall seems to be a time of decorating quick-change. Within 60 days, we move from spooky Halloween décor, to russet-hued fall colors, to Christmas sparkle and shine.

Add to that holiday entertaining, parties, shopping and kid’s school needs, and the holiday season becomes busy indeed!

That’s why I look for easy and quick decorating options, especially around Thanksgiving. Here are five quick fall decorating projects that add pop to any room in just a few minutes. Better yet, since most craft stores have fall florals on sale by now, these colorful fall accents cost just a few dollars to make.

1. Make a Leafy Fall Colors Wreath
Make this eye-catching fall and Thanksgiving wreath with just a few handfuls of russet silk leaves, a plain foam or natural wreath form and some hot glue. It takes less than an hour because all of the color and texture is created by simply layering silk leaves one over the other. Then top with a russet or golden hued bow.

2. Make a Falling Leaves Garland
You’ll need 5-10 fall leaves floral picks. Use wire cutters to cut the leaf clusters off the main pick, leaving the stems as long as possible. Then just twist the stems together, start with 2-3 stems and add on to create a length of garland. You can also twist stems onto a length of jute rope or cording for a stronger garland.  Fill in sparse areas by twisting on more leaves, or hot glue leaves, floral berries or pinecones to the twisted garland stem. Hang from a stairway or doorframe using fall-colored bows or drape over the mantle.

3. Use a Fall Garland as a Table Centerpiece
Make a garland as above to fit your tabletop. Leave about 1.5’ from each end to allow for place settings if needed. Arrange with candlesticks or pillar stands of varying sizes to add height to your centerpiece. Add even more color by placing the garland arrangement on top of a coordinating tablerunner or a line of overlapping placemats. (Make your centerpiece safe and worry-free! Use battery-operated candles to avoid an open flame.)

4. Embellish Candlesticks and Other Décor Items
Use leafy clusters to add fall color anywhere. Cut several leaf stems and clusters from picks and wrap around candlesticks, place in vases or tuck among your everyday arrangements to add a pop of color.

Add a pop of Thanksgiving color with a few silk leaves in fall colors
Add a pop of Thanksgiving color with a few silk leaves in fall colors

5. Create a Falling Leaves Light Fixture
Use our go-to favorites, leafy stems and clusters, to add fall color to your dining and entry lighting. Simply wrap or drape clusters among the arms of your light fixture or wrap a mini garland to entwine your chandelier.

Let us know if any of these ideas inspired you! And please share any ideas (or improvements on ours) that you have!

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