5 Reasons a Smart Lock Makes Life Safer and Easier

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Safe locks use mobile technology and Wifi to let you enter your home without a physical key

It happened one time, and it left you in a panic. You came home after several hours away to find the front door unlocked. The response to the major home security gaffe was to install a lock that automatically locks when the front door shuts. However, another major gaffe happened, and this time it did not concern lax home security.

You were locked out of your house.

The time has come to get smart by installing a smart lock to make your life safe and easy.

Overview of Smart Locks

If used properly, smart locks prevent you from leaving your home open for intruders while ensuring you’re never locked out. With a smart lock, you never have to use a key to lock and unlock any door. All you have to do is wave or turn a Wi-Fi connected Smartphone in front of a smart lock.

You can open and close a smart lock by touching a lock with your finger or pressing down on an app button. Smart lock technology has now advanced to the point that users can simply approach the front door or talk to a lock for it to open for instant access to their homes. Some smart lock systems include programming features that allow users to leave their homes knowing the front door will automatically lock behind them.

Here are five reasons why a smart lock would make your life safer and easier:

1. Convenience & Peace of Mind

One of the primary benefits of installing a smart lock is convenience. A smart lock does not have to be a separate automated feature of your smart home system. You can program a smart lock within the same programming system you have established for your Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit Hub.

For example, by saying “Okay Alexa, time for bed,” your smart home system can turn the thermostat to your preferred sleeping temperature, dim the lights to create the optimal sleeping ambiance and most important, lock the front door to give you a night’s worth of peace of mind.

In addition, you have the capability to control your new smart lock from a remote location, as long as it is connected to the home Wi-Fi network. You can open and lock any door of your home from the next street corner or from a stadium located miles from your neighborhood. Remote access gives you the ability to open the back door for an appliance repair professional or the front door for a Fed Ex driver who needs to leave an “urgent” package inside for safekeeping.

2. Style & Versatility

When the technology first came out, smart locks looked and felt awkward. The odd-shaped appearance diminished home aesthetics, as well as made smart locks difficult to install. From just a short distance, many types of smart locks looked like unattractive standard deadbolts.

But that’s no longer the case.

Retrofitted smart locks are manufactured by several companies to seamlessly blend in with a wide variety of front doors, without revealing the “smart” nature of the locks.

Moreover, many smart lock manufacturers offer a number of different styles to ensure homeowners can seamlessly blend the security systems into the designs of their homes.

Smart lock designs look great on any home
Smart locks come in a variety of stylish looks that add to the curb appeal of any home.

3. Makes it Easy for Guest Access

Smart locks are ideal for vacation rental companies that need to give guests access to properties. The locks are also perfect for cleaning and dog walking professionals that come and go from your home multiple times during the week. If you have friends and family members dropping by throughout the week, all it takes is a phone call for you to unlock the front door from your office halfway across town.

With smart locks, you do not have to make spare keys, nor do you have to hide a key under the front door mat or inside the mailbox located at the end of the driveway.

4. Comprehensive Security & No “Hide-a-Keys”

Speaking of hiding a key under the front door mat or inside the mailbox located at the end of the driveway — doesn’t that make you feel less secure? By keeping your smart lock password secure and updated, you complete the home security network by installing a smart lock on the front door.

Without extra keys floating around, you eliminate numerous ways for thieves to gain access to your home. Plus, your new smart lock also can be programmed to become part of a comprehensive home security system that includes open window alerts and motion alarm sensors.

5. No More Home Lockouts

Most smart lock systems require users to have a smartphone and an Internet connection. However, what happens if the Internet goes down and/or you leave your Smartphone inside of your locked home?

You can prevent smart lock lockouts by implementing these precautionary measures:

Make Sure the Door Closes Tightly

A door closing unevenly can cause a smart lock to not open or close properly. Remotely controlled deadbolts need to move back and forth without resistance. Make sure every door in your home shuts properly to prevent a home lockout.

Replace Batteries as Recommended by the Manufacturer

Even better, replace your smart lock batteries at the same time you replace the batteries for the fire alarm and carbon monoxide detectors. In the United States, a good time to check the status of battery-powered devices is when daylight savings time begins in early November and when it ends during the first week of March.

Having a Backup Key is Still Key

Making one spare backup key is a good idea to prevent a home lockout, but you do not want to make your home vulnerable for a thief by leaving the backup key under the Welcome mat. Instead, leave the backup key with a trusted neighbor who you can quickly reach by phone or by sending a text message.

Where to Find Smart Locks and Smart Lock Reviews

Amazon has the largest selection of smart locks that we’ve found online — and many work with Amazon Alexa devices. You can also find plenty of useful information and smart lock reviews on Amazon, so that’s a great place to start your search.

That’s a Wrap

Adding a smart lock on one or more of your doors will make your life safer and easier. Research the different styles of smart locks to ensure you find the right one for your home. You can consult with a home security professional or perform your own research on sites like Amazon or other online home security resources.

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