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Makit Make a Plate Group and Classroom Kit

Makit Make a Plate Group and Classroom Kit

Make-a-Plate, the same company that made those draw-it-yourself plate kits eons ago when we were young is still cranking out priceless keepsakes. I still have mine from kindergarten — and I’m NOT saying how old they are, but it takes more than one hand to count the presidents since then. I’ll leave it at that. My plates still look great and are quite useful, so I’m sold.

If you’ve never heard of Make-a-Plate kits but are looking for a nifty gift for kids, or anyone for that matter, here’s how Make-a-Plate and Photo Plate kits work:

  • First, buy the Make-a-Plate Kit (see links to the best deals we found below). The kit includes art paper, markers, instructions, and return envelope.
  • Next, let your imagination go wild — kids create a masterpiece; moms record favorite family recipes; friends create memory plates for brides, graduates, coaches — the possibilities are endless.
  • Last, send in your artwork to be preserved as a durable, dishwasher-safe melamine plastic plate.

Make-a-Plate offers two types of kits, individual kits and group and classroom kits, and there are differences in cost and how processing is handled. Which one is the best for you? Here’s a look at the differences between the two.

  • The Individual Kit price includes the production and return shipping of one finished item, making it a great gift as there are no additional costs.
  • The Group Kit provides paper, markers and production forms for up to 50 items — but has no prepaid production. You pay production and return shipping fees only for the items you send in to be produced. Group kit production fees are charged per plate – and there is no minimum required so the group kit is great for classrooms, parties, scout groups, bridal showers (recipe plates are great for this!).  Return shipping costs are based on the number of items made. Group kits can also be used as a fundraiser.

Along with the basic draw-your-own artwork kits, there are Make-a-Photo-Plate kits, including fun border designs with Disney characters and superheroes.

Once artwork is sent in, finished Make-a-Plates typically take about two weeks to arrive. But during the holiday rush, Make-a-Plate’s busiest time of the year, processing can take up to four weeks. To have plates produced in time for Christmas delivery, plan to send your artwork in before Thanksgiving. Mother’s Day is another busy time, allow about 3 to 4 weeks for production then, too.