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Fave! Cakepops Made Easy with the Cake Pops Baking Pan

If you’re a fan of cakepops (and really, who isn’t?), then you’ll love this kitchen fave. It’s the Cake pops Baking Pan, proudly made in the USA by bakeware leader, NordicWare.

Making cakepops usually involves rolling crumbled bits of cake together with frosting to create the “pop”. While this method works, it’s a messy process and often the cakepops leave you with aching teeth from frosting sweetness overload.

But Nordicware’s clever cakepops pan solves that. The two-part pan bakes cake batter into a tidy 2-inch cake ball that you simply pop onto a stick and decorate. Best of all, the finished cakepop has the taste and texture of a frosted bit of cake, instead of an over sweet cake-and-frosting mashup.

NordicWare makes a great cakepops recipe book, I’ve included the link to it on Amazon below. OR… they work great with cake mixes. Each cakepops pan bakes 1/2 of a cake mix… or try pound cake, brownies (loved these!) or muffins for a different twist.

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