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Best Glass and Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses for 2024

Multi-use stemless wine glasses are fast becoming a mainstay in homes, restaurants and bars. With the growing popularity of this drinkware shape, shoppers can now choose from a wide range of both glass and plastic stemless wine glasses in many shapes and colors.

Here’s a roundup of our favorite stemless wine glass brands for 2024 and where you can pick them up.

Top Pick for Glass Stemless Wine Glasses: Libbey

Fave! Glass Stemless Wine Glasses
Libbey Stemless Wine Glasses Set of 12, Dishwasher-Safe Glass- 6 Red and 6 White
$34.99 $32.99
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04/03/2024 06:54 pm GMT

Top Pick for Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses: Vivocci

Fave! Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses
Vivocci Unbreakable Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses 20 oz - Tritan Plastic - Set/2
$19.95 $16.95 ($8.48 / Count)
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04/03/2024 07:01 pm GMT

Best Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses: More Picks

Plastic stemless wine glasses are extremely popular. You can find them in all shapes and sizes and even in different colors. Most are made from virtually unbreakable, dishwasher-safe plastics, primarily polycarbonate and Tritan plastic. You can also find acrylic styles for less, but these don’t hold up as well as the dishwasher-safe plastics.

Most brands make plastic wine tumblers with thin walls in a classic balloon-bottom shape that works well for both reds and whites. You’ll generally find just one or two stemless glass sizes in a line.

Strahl stemless plastic wine glasses stand out if you want a sturdy, heavyweight, thick-walled feel. Strahl offers two stemless wine glass sizes, an 8-oz. white and a larger 13-oz. red. It’s the priciest stemless plastic wine glass brand, but its durability and quality are superior to many other brands. Strahl’s full drinkware collection has a reputation for long-lasting performance.

Fave! Luxury Styling
Strahl Unbreakable Stemless Osteria Wine Glass, Polycarbonate Plastic Set/4
$47.04 $43.02 ($10.76 / Count)
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04/03/2024 07:24 pm GMT

Stemless plastic wine glass brands like Michely, Cruvina, Vivocci, and Bravario generally have thinner walls than Strahl and are less expensive. However, each has a great reputation for durability and quality for both their stemless glasses and other drinkware styles.

Best Glass and Crystal Stemless Wine Glasses: More Picks

Virtually all of the top glassware brands offer stemless wine tumblers. Our top picks for style and price include Libbey all-purpose glass wine tumblers, Luminarc stemless wine tumblers and fine crystal tasting-style shapes from top-rated brands Schott-Zwiesel and Riedel.

In fact, Riedel has an entire collection of stemless shapes and styles in its O Wine Tumbler stemless collection, which you can find on Amazon.

Best Insulated Metal Stemless Wine Tumblers

Metal insulated wine tumblers with lids are all the rage these days. Wine lovers enjoy taking a “to-go” cup that delivers the feel of a regular wine glass. Frankly, I’m a fan, too! I tote my insulated wine tumbler to neighborhood get-togethers and on the boat and use it anytime I’m sipping outside to keep my whites chilled and bug-free!

There are plenty of options on the market if you’re shopping for insulated wine tumblers. You can find them in best-selling brands like Yeti, Brumate, and The Happy Lush, and at prices that fit any budget. Here are a few of my personal faves:

Best Stemless Disposable Plastic Wine Glasses

Disposable and reusable/recyclable plastic stemless wine glasses are another item that has taken the market by storm in recent years. GoVino kicked-off this trend nearly a decade ago with reusable/recyclable stemless plastic wine glasses made from the same plastic used for water bottles.

Soon after, they branched out to offer disposable champagne flutes, beer glasses, and even serving decanters.

The beauty of this stemless option is these glasses are less expensive than Tritan, polycarbonate, and acrylic styles. Plus, unlike many disposables, these aren’t single-use. If hand-washed, you can make GoVino and similar disposable stemless glasses last for years.

However, if you need them for a single-use event, say for a wedding, you can recycle them just like water bottles. They not only add style to your event but are a much greener choice than standard disposables.

Other lines including Tossware and a few big-name partyware brands like Chinet have hopped on the disposable wine tumbler bandwagon. Tossware, like GoVino, offers many drinkware styles alongside their 12-oz, 14-oz., and 18-oz. disposable stemless wine glasses.

That’s a Wrap

Of course, these lines just touch on the vast selection of stemless wine tumblers on the market. You can find glass stemless styles in practically every home and kitchen department in stores nationwide, along with online marketplaces.

The same goes for popular insulated metal wine tumblers with lids. You can find these popular items in home, kitchen, and gift shops in your area, as well as most online marketplaces.

Stemless plastic wine glasses can be a little harder to find in stores year-round. Since plastic drinkware is considered a seasonal item in some areas, online marketplaces like Amazon, Target, and Walmart offer the best selection throughout the year. Plus, you get the advantage of reading verified purchaser reviews to help you pick the best buy for your unique needs.

I hope my overview of these top-rated stemless wine brands and styles helps streamline your shopping. If you have any questions or want to add some faves of your own, please share in the comments below.

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