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Easter Decor DIY: Fluffy Easter Bunny and Chick Topiaries

DIY-Easter-Bunny-chicksKids will love creating and displaying these cuddly bunny and chick tabletop decorations — and making them couldn’t be easier! These friendly Easter critters are made using simple foam or cardboard cones, fuzzy pom-poms or cotton balls, and a few scraps of fun foam or construction paper.

These go together quickly, so you can easily create an Easter decor grouping for a centerpiece or mantle decoration, or just scatter a few pairs to brighten tables or shelves.

You’ll need:

  • Cone-shaped foam forms in 2-3 sizes, or make your own using cardboard or poster board
  • Pom-poms or cotton balls (we like pom-poms best for color & finish)
  • Fun foam scraps in white, pink, orange and black
  • Optional: buttons or googly-eyes
  • Tools: Scissors, Tape, Craft Glue and/or Hot Glue, Paper Plate

Step 1 – Create Cones (if making your own): Here’s an easy way to make a cone using a makeshift compass. Hold one end of a piece of string at the corner of the cardboard; pull the other end down the side of the cardboard to the height you want your cone. Hold a pencil together with the string, pull the string tight and draw the curve across the cardboard. Cut the curve out and form your cone, overlapping the edges and staple. Finish the edge with tape. Trim or fold the point down so it’s flat and secure with tape.

Step 2 – Attach Pom-Poms: If kids are helping, squeeze craft glue onto the paper plate and let them dip the pom-poms or cotton balls in glue to attach to the cone. Hot glue is faster for adults and older kids. Work around the cone from the bottom up, placing pom-poms closely together to fill gaps and create a plush look. Let dry.

Step 3 – Add Eyes, Ears, Nose & Beaks:
For Bunny Ears: Cut white fun foam or construction paper in an ear shape, fold and glue the bottom edges together to make the ear shape. Add the pink insert and glue ears (hot glue is best) to each side of the bunny head, tucking the bottom into the pompoms a bit.

For Bunny Eyes & Nose: Use buttons, googly-eyes, or paper or foam cutouts for eyes. Glue into place, then glue on two more pom-poms for cheeks, covering the bottom of the eyes a bit. Add the nose using pink pom-pom or paper or fun foam cutout. Add whiskers to the cheeks using toothpicks broken in half and painted black.

For Chick Eyes & Beak: Fold orange fun foam or construction paper and cut a beak. Glue beak on between two pom-poms so it can open slightly. Cut tiny triangle eyes from black fun foam or construction paper and glue on just above the corners of the beak, setting them into the fuzz a bit.

Step 4 — Enjoy! Create a grouping for a fun table centerpiece or mantle decoration, or scatter a few pairs to brighten tabletops or shelves.

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