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Head-Microwave-cookwareNordicWare Plastic Microwave Cookware is amazingly versatile, offering many specialty pieces that take full advantage of microwave cooking patterns. We stocked most of the line here for well over a decade and still use it daily both in our office kitchen and in our own homes. It’s definitely my Top Fave for plastic microwave dishes and cookware – and I believe it’s still the only US-made plastic microwave cookware line. Another plus!

We no longer stock NordicWare since they sell direct on Amazon now, but we certainly recommend it. My favorite NordicWare plastic microwave cookware pieces are listed below with links to Amazon if you’re shopping.

NordicWare is crafted in a special BPA-free, heat-tolerant plastic blend that is durable, break-resistant, dishwasher-safe, and (of course) suitable for both microwave reheating and cooking. Some pieces have lids, so it can go from the fridge to the microwave with ease. Most of NordicWare’s microwave-safe cookware comes in an attractive neutral ivory finish. Occasionally NordicWare comes out with some microwave items in different colors, but the ivory is the standard color.

Quick Tip: NordicWare provides recommended cooking times and other microwave cooking tips on their packaging. I’ve found it helpful to cut these out and file them away in my recipe card box (under “M”). They’ve come in handy several times!