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Smores-maker-microwaveJust when I thought it was safe to pull out my skinny jeans, I find a Microwave S’mores Maker offered by one of my favorite kitchen manufacturers. I think to myself, hmm. S’mores, at home, without flaming marshmallows streaking through the air and landing on hapless siblings? Happiness itself!

Back go the jeans…

Now, I was both a Girl Scout and a member of a camping family, so I am all about s’mores — and I might even say, an aficionado. I’ve eaten my way through a forest of graham crackers (or the lazy alternative – Fudge Grahams), a river of chocolate and clouds of perfectly toasted (ok, sometimes singed) marshmallows – and the trend continues with my own daughter who loves them. But we don’t camp too often, nor do we have many cozy fires in Houston, so a gadget that successfully creates a microwave version, I admit, intrigues me.

Unfortunately, past microwave s’mores experiences have been, though comical, not terribly successful. Have you ever microwaved a marshmallow? They quickly expand to alarming proportions. Fun, yes. Conducive to successful microwave s’mores? Definitely no.

So, along comes a bizarre device with — er, arms — and, of all things, a water reservoir (are we to boil the marshmallow?). It reminds one of a distant cousin of Mr. Potatohead. But, humor and criticism aside, if s’mores are on your (or your kids’) list of must-have treats, the Microwave S’mores Maker really works.

I mentioned earlier that marshmallows have rapid growth spurts in the microwave. The odd parts of this device combat this tendency and actually make microwaved s’mores work. The water creates moisture so the marshmallow doesn’t dry out and get rubbery and the arms actually keep them from over-expanding.

If you have kids (or are still a kid yourself), it’s a fun and inexpensive addition to your kitchen treat makers — the best price I found is direct from the manufacturer on Amazon.