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Head-plastic-wine-glassesIf you’re shopping around for long-lasting plastic wine glasses, no doubt you’ve discovered quite a variety of styles in stores and online. What used to be a summer seasonal item is now an in-demand home essential and manufacturers have responded with ample choices to fit any need.

We carried many different lines ourselves for years, but most brands now sell direct through Amazon so we no longer stock them. But we sure as heck know firsthand what the different brands offer — and where they fall short!

Following are my Top Faves from several plastic wine glass collections, and this is from both a buyer’s and a user’s perspective. Every glass below made it into my kitchen and several stuck around. In fact, if you’re reading this around dinnertime in the central U.S., I’m probably this minute sipping from my favorite — the 20oz Sonoma. Or, maybe from my go-to stemless, the Strahl Bordeaux. Or perhaps from the weighty Clarus Goblet if it’s hot and I’m enjoying a chilled white. Oh, heck — I pretty much love them all!

Sonoma / Wine Enthusiast Plastic Wine Glasses

This is my favorite plastic wine glass line overall. FYI — we used to call it Napa (if you’re a returning shopper) and the same line is sold under a few brand names; Sonoma, Wine Enthusiast, LeadingWare, and probably a few others – both in sets and by the piece. Whatever the name, it offers classic wine tasting shapes and sizes with a glass-like thin wall and rim and a lovely tapered stem. Sonoma plastic wine glasses are crafted in virtually unbreakable, dishwasher-safe plastic which performs wonderfully in both homes as well as in bars and restaurants. We sold tens of thousands of these glasses over several years and customers are uniformly pleased with this line.

Clarus Plastic Goblets and TaZa Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses

Clarus and TaZa both are crafted in unbreakable Tritan plastic and are great choices for looks and durability. The Clarus plastic wine glass is one of the heavier weight styles on the market, with a thick wall and stem. If you’re looking for a chunky, artisan- or mexican-glass look and feel, this is definitely worth a look.

Strahl Plastic Wine Glasses

Strahl and I go way back. It’s the first line we carried when we opened up shop in 1999, plus I sourced it for years beforehand when I outfitted yachts (fun fact, Strahl was originally made for the yacht market). Strahl unbreakable plastic wine glasses are known for fantastic durability, stunning crystal-like clarity, and a hand-polished finish. They really top the competition for high-end quality and are a bit pricey, but have a very loyal customer following willing to pay more because the line delivers. Strahl offers both classic stemless and stemmed wine glass styles, plus a contemporary goblet line with thick bases which are designed to unscrew for storing in tiny spaces in a boat galley. (Bet’cha Amazon can’t tell you that!)

Prodyne Plastic Wine Glasses

Prodyne offers a nice variety of moderately priced plastic wine glasses that last and last. The Forever and Grand plastic wine glass lines are made of dishwasher-safe, unbreakable polycarbonate plastic and we’ve sold thousands into heavy-turn foodservice (restaurants, bars, hotels, and casinos) and they perform beautifully. They also make some decorative acrylic wine glass styles like the Embossed Grape below, which is a fun glass and surprisingly durable for a less-expensive acrylic wine glass.

G.E.T Plastic Wine Glasses and Goblets

Speaking of foodservice… G.E.T is hard to beat when it comes to variety and durability. One of the world’s largest plastic tableware manufacturers, G.E.T.’s line is made for foodservice so you can be sure it will withstand anything you can throw at it at home. The only drawback is that G.E.T. is generally sold by the case. We used to sell it by the piece, but again, we just couldn’t sell enough of it once they started selling through Amazon. If you’re shopping for quantities of 24 wine glasses or more, you’ll find some great choices — and prices — with G.E.T.