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Best plastic wine glasses on Amazon 2019 review -- Michely wine glasses takes the top spot this year

Amazon carries a huge selection of plastic wine glasses at prices that fit any budget. With so many choices, picking the best line can be tough, and believe me, I know! I’ve been a professional buyer for over a decade. This review compares Amazon’s top-rated lines to help you pick the best glasses for your needs.

1. Overall Best Plastic Wine Glasses on Amazon: Michley

Michley plastic wine glasses are  overall  our favorite sold on Amazon
Michley drinkware offers a terrific assortment of beautiful plastic tumblers, wine glasses, and flutes in several shapes and sizes.

The Michely plastic wine glass collection captured the number one spot this year because of its sleek styling, wide variety of bowl types and sizes, and excellent prices. Michley offers balloon-style stems for reds, slimmer tulip-style chardonnay glasses, plus stemmed all-purpose goblets, stemless plastic wine glasses, and champagne flutes.

Michley drinkware is crafted in BPA-free Tritan plastic, which is unbreakable and dishwasher-safe. Tritan plastic is fast becoming a standard for the restaurant industry and performs wonderfully in homes.

2. Best High-End Plastic Wine Glasses: Strahl

Strahl plastic drinkware is our top pick for high-end plastic wine glasses and tumblers
Strahl plastic drinkware offers substantial thick bases and a hand-polished lustre.

Strahl and I go way back. It’s the first line we carried when we opened up shop in 1999. Plus, I sourced it for years beforehand when I outfitted yachts (fun fact, Strahl was originally made for the yacht market and that’s where I discovered it). Strahl is known for fantastic durability, stunning crystal-like clarity, and a hand-polished finish.

Here are my top Strahl plastic wine glass picks at the best prices I found on Amazon. Strahl also offers a huge assortment of unbreakable plastic tumblers and serving accessories like ice buckets and appetizer trays designed for worry-free entertaining, indoors and out.

Strahl really tops the competition for high-end quality. Its products are a bit pricey, but it has a very loyal customer following willing to pay more because the line delivers. Strahl offers both classic stemless and stemmed wine glass styles, plus a contemporary goblet line with thick bases which are designed to unscrew for storing in tiny spaces in a boat galley. (Bet’cha Amazon can’t tell you that!)

3. Best Disposable / Recyclable Plastic Wine Glasses: Tossware & GoVino

Tossware reusable and disposable plastic drinkware is made from recyclable plastic and comes in many great styles
Tossware is an innovative disposable / reusable / recyclable plastic drinkware line offering several glass styles plus accessories like snap-on lids and stems.

Tossware edged out GoVino as our number one pick for reusable / disposable / recyclable plastic stemware for 2019 because of its innovative approach and variety of fun styles. Like its competitors, Tossware offers stemless plastic wine glasses, flutes, tumblers, and carafes in durable reusable and recyclable plastic, shown below.

However, unlike GoVino and similar lines, Tossware also delivers really cool add-ons and style options. You’ll find snap-on stems and lids for its stemless wine glasses, plus fun drinkware designs like plastic mason jar glasses and trendy beer glass shapes. See the entire Tossware plastic drinkware collection here.

GoVino recyclable stemless plastic wine glasses are another top pick for disposable / recyclable plastic wine glasses. GoVino’s stemless plastic wine glasses are crafted in the same recyclable plastic used for water bottles, and feature a very comfortable thumb indent for holding securely while mingling. If you need disposable and recyclable stemless wine glasses for a party or big event, these fit the bill.

GoVino offers different shapes and sizes, but not as many fun drinkware styles as Tossware.

If hand-washed, both Tossware and GoVino stemless wine glasses will last forever, too. Just don’t put them in the dishwasher — they will warp if you do.

4. Best Acrylic Wine Glasses on Amazon: US Acrylic

US Acrylic makes one of the only stackable plastic wine glass styles on the market.
US Acrylic makes one of our overall favorite items — stackable wine glasses in durable, dishwasher-safe SAN plastic. Great for tight spaces!

US Acrylic is a US-based company that makes beautiful plastic drinkware and barware, including some very economical plastic wine glass options.

US Acrylic’s Blanc and Franc lines are made of acrylic, and generally cost less than similar Tritan and polycarbonate wine glasses. However, they’re not dishwasher-safe like the more expensive brands on our list.

US Acrylic’s stackable plastic wine glasses are made of SAN plastic, which is dishwasher-safe and BPA-free. Plus, their handy stacking design makes them a great choice for tight storage.

5. Other Top Contenders: TaZa, Vivocci & Cruvina

Cruvina stemless plastic wine tumblers are great for serving both wine and mixed drinks.
Popular multi-purpose stemless plastic wine tumblers are made by several great brands like Cruvina (shown above), TaZa, and Vivocci.

These plastic drinkware collections are all crafted in unbreakable Tritan plastic and are great choices for looks and durability. All three brands hold up well for home use as well as restaurant, bistro, and bar service.

6. Best Commercial Plastic Drinkware: G.E.T Enterprises

On the commercial side. G.E.T products are hard to beat when it comes to variety and durability. G.E.T Enterprises is one of the world’s largest restaurant plastic tableware manufacturers, so you can be sure their plastic wine glasses will withstand anything you can throw at it at home.

G.E.T. plastic wine glasses and accessories are generally sold by the case of 6, 12, or 24 pieces, but there are some sellers on Amazon that sell in smaller amounts. Here are some of our top picks from the G.E.T plastic drinkware collection:

That’s a Wrap…

You’ll find many other fabulous plastic wine glass collections on Amazon, too. I don’t have personal experience with some of the newer brands (yet) but I am adding those to my testing list for 2020.

What I can tell you is that three newer lines: TossWare disposable drinkware, TaZa and Cruvina are making a name for themselves with great styling and customer reviews.

I hope this review helps you sort through the huge selection out there. Check back in 2020 for updates as I uncover more plastic wine glasses to add to my SimplySmartLiving Faves & Finds.