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It’s Fire Prevention Week – How to Keep Your Family Safe

Fire Prevention week is a great reminder to change the batteries in fire alarms and brush up on fire safety basics with the kids. In fact, the timing of Fire Prevention week is ideal — with winter and the holidays just around the corner, it’s a great time to consider fireplace, space heater, cooking and candle safety. Did you know these are among the major causes of accidental home fires?

If you have kids in grade school, they may bring home fire safety materials provided by the National Fire Protection Association this week. This group offers some great information on preventing home fires and protecting your loved ones in case of a fire.

If your school doesn’t participate in the Fire Safety / Prevention Week program, you can still find plenty of information on their website’s Family & Kids section, including fire safety checklists, family escape plans, printable kid’s activities and more.

And if you (like most of us busy parents!) are thinking “Ugh, yet another safety-focused media event,” here are some startling facts that might encourage you to take a half-hour or so to discuss fire safety with your kids.

  • Roughly eight people die in home fires every day.
  • Fire departments respond to a home fire every 82 seconds.
  • Cooking is the #1 cause of home fires and injuries.
  • Smoking is the leading cause of fire deaths.
  • Heating is the second leading cause of home fires, fire deaths and fire injuries.
  • Working smoke alarms cut the risk of dying in a reported fire by half.

The website also has some great tips on preventing burns and protecting little ones in the home and kitchen, along with cute videos featuring talking fire alarms. Hey… anything to get the kids interested in learning about fire safety!

Plus, here are a few our favorites for protecting children from common causes of accidental fires and burns.

Battery-Operated Candles

Flickering light without the open flame. Battery-operated pillar candles, tealights and votives make it easy to add candlelit ambiance without the worry of an open flame. Perfect for decorating safely around little ones!

Stove Guards

Stove guards attach to the stove or countertop to keep little hands off burners and hot pots and pans securely on top of the stove.

**Fire safety statistics reproduced from NFPA’s Fire Prevention Week Web site,

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