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Fitting slipcovers to sofas and loveseats with loose-back pillows and cushions, “T” style cushions or other fit challenges can be a challenge — but we found an easy way to get it done in three easy steps.

Sofa1This sofa recently found a new home as playroom seating. But it was a bit dingy and the loose-back pillows design was a hassle to keep tidy in a room full of busy kids.

We decided to perk up the couch and room with a kid-friendly denim slipcover by one of our favorite slipcover brands, SureFit Slipcovers.

You can also check out Easy-Going Furniture Slipcovers, which specialize in stretch-fitted slipcover styles.

Whichever brand of slipcover you use, you’ll likely need to address a few slipcover fit challenges. Here’s how we prepared those loose-back pillows and seat cushion crevices for the best slipcover fit.

1. Create a Smooth Surface Across Cushions & Pillows

Sofa2We first placed the pillows straight across the back of the sofa. We removed one pillow so the remaining three would lay flat against the sofa back. To create a smooth back, we laid a double layer of quilt batting across the pillows, from the seat cushions, up over the pillows, and draping about eight inches down the back. Once the slipcover is on the sofa, it will hold the batting firmly in place.

To minimize the crevice between the two seat cushions, we stuffed a roll of batting between the two and laid a strip of batting over that.

2. Place the Slipcover on Your Furniture

sofa3Following the slipcover directions, we draped our Surefit denim sofa slipcover over the sofa, tucked the slipcover in place, beginning with the elastic strip between the back and seat cushions to get the proper length in the front and back. Then moving to the sides and arms, we tucked the fabric between the seat and arm, around the “T” cushion, fitted the arms, and tied the ties.

Since this sofa’s seat is lower than most standard styles (it’s only 15″ from the floor compared to the more standard 18″-21″), we tied the tie at the corner of the arm and the cushion – it looks great!

To smooth the area where the back pillows rose above the arm, we folded a small pleat from the top corner of the back pillow down the back, it is held in place by the back corner ties.

Helpful Hint:

Use a spatula to push the slipcovers seams deep between the cushions. SureFit slipcovers are made with self-anchoring seams and elastic that helps keep them in place, but if your cushions do not provide a tight fit, you can push a rolled-up magazine between the cushions to better anchor the slipcover in place – effective and much cheaper than buying expensive slipcover stays!

3. Add Pillows and Kids!

Loose-fit slipcovers do require occasional re-tucking and smoothing with use, but are a great inexpensive way to perk up an older piece or change the look and comfort of an entire room! After your slipcover is in place, you’re ready to top is with some great-looking throw pillows — and even those are available with kid-and family-friendly removable washable pillow covers, like these: