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Video DIY: How to Re-Cover Chair Cushions

Have an out-of-date or dingy upholstered chair seat that’s seen one too many spills? Our DIY Re-Cover Chair Cushions video shows you how to easily re-cover dingy chair cushions — or just give them an updated look. Most chair cushions can be re-covered in just minutes and our video shows how to get nice, crisp, professional-looking corners, too — without sewing a stitch! Plus, we’ll show you some great fabric options that are spill-resistant, kid-friendly, and generally ideal choices for busy homes and lifestyles.

Step-by-Step how-to’s are listed below…

Tools and Materials:

Fabric, Chair Cushion, Staple Gun, Scissors and a Screwdriver (in most cases)

  • Step 1: Remove cushion from chair – you may need the screwdriver in this step
  • Step 2: Cut fabric, allowing at least 1″ overlapping the seat base
  • Step 3: Center chair cushion on fabric and staple 1 staple on each side to secure fabric in position
  • Step 4: Staple fabric at corners. Start by pulling up the fabric at the point of the corner, then tuck, pull tight and staple a fold on each side of the corner. See how in the video above
  • Step 5: Once corners are complete, staple the sides, pulling the fabric snug. Insert staples about 1/2″ to 1″ apart
  • Step 6: Trim fabric, leaving about 1/2″ allowance to prevent fabric ripping out
  • Step 7: Reattach newly-covered cushion to chair – and Enjoy!


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