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Video DIY: Fun Golf Themed Party Table Idea

Does someone in your life spend the afternoon chillin’ (or getting serious) on the back nine? If you’re scratching your head for ways to celebrate the love of the game, here’s a fun golf themed party table we put together for our friends at to get your creative juices flowing!

This table theme comes together easily. Our video shows you how we did the bits and pieces, and it all ties together with a simple White, Green and Black color scheme. I think my favorite idea is the golfball “placecard.” These were a snap to make and add a personal touch for your guests.

To make the Golf ball and tee placecard, we used:
  • Tiny 2″ terracotta pots
  • 2″ styrofoam balls
  • Golf tees – one for each pot
  • Plastic practice golf  balls (inexpensive, but you can use real ones, too) – 1 for each pot
  • Green craft paint
  • Hot glue
  • White rick-rack (for the Ladies’ Tees!)
  • Black Sharpie for writing names on the golf balls
To assemble:
  1. Paint the terracotta pots and top half of the styrofoam balls green using craft paint. Let dry.
  2. Glue on rick-rack to upper rim of pots if desired when dry.
  3. Write guests’ names on the golf balls
  4. Hot glue the golf balls to the tees
  5. Insert one tee into a styrofoam ball and add a small dot of glue to secure
  6. Press styrofoam ball into pot, add a dot of glue to secure

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