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Video DIY: Decorate a Fun Basketball Themed Party Table

Here’s a fun Basketball Themed Party Table idea we were asked to do for It’s so easy to put together and fun for any game day table, complete with an interactive basketball centerpiece sure to please any fan. Our basketball goal centerpiece centerpiece works great on both sit-down tables and buffet tables if you’re hosting a crowd.

What We Used:

For the Centerpiece:
We found two toy doorway basketball goals at the discount store and just hot glued them to a dowel rod. For the base, we just drilled a hole in a piece of scrap wood to fit the dowel and painted both black. Then we set the base in a shallow bowl, weighted it with two bags of beans and filled the bowl with toy foam basketballs from the discount store.

For the Placesettings:
A simple orange/black/white theme works great with the basketballs — or you could use your team colors! For our table, we paired black placemats with orange plates, gingham check napkins, and plastic hurricane glasses in orange.

We topped the look with a plain plastic shot glass decorated like a basketball net using a sharpie marker – super easy! Then we filled the shot glass with chocolate basketball candies – all from the same party store — but any candies would be a crowd-pleaser if you can’t find basketball candy.

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