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Video DIY: Kid-Friendly Halloween Decorating Tips and Centerpiece

Here are some kid-friendly Halloween decorating tips and centerpiece ideas that add creepy crawly fun to homes… even those with busy kids.

Best of all, we created these budget-friendly Halloween decor ideas using everyday items — like plastic glasses for Halloween votive candle holders; branches and a coffee can for a creepy spider centerpiece; and repurposed everyday placemats for inexpensive Halloween table runners… and more.

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  2. Halloween is all about darkness, shadows and the lack of light. However, the right kind of lights really enhance what we may not want to see! Props such as skeletons, ghosts, or witches really come to life with a colored light. Place a clip on or swing arm lamp to shine on the prop at an angle. Try to find the best angle to be effective. Tape a cellophane gel approximately 2 inches from the light. You can buy color heat resistant plastic and gels at photo shops, film or theatre stores.

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