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home organization wire shelves cubesFrom kids’ rooms and family areas to closets and bathrooms, I’ve been using these versatile wire-sided storage cube units with great satisfaction for years. Decades even.

In fact, I recently put the bits and pieces that I managed to save from my first college dorm set to work in my closet. Happily, I was even able to expand on the parts I had since the panels and connectors are — apparently — pretty universal. The new set I got from Amazon matched up perfectly to what I (likely) picked up WalMart nearly twenty years ago.

So, these are a “Fave” in my book for down and dirty organization needs throughout the house. Will you find them in Architectural Digest? Probably not, but they’re less costly than a one-year subscription to the magazine, and that fits my budget just fine.

A Few Tips for Making the Most of Wire Storage Cubes:

  • The connectors pop on at each corner, but I’ve found they can loosen with use over time. Adding a zip-tie to the panels once assembled helps keep them secure for years.AZ-Storage-Cubes-Close
  • These are great for building light-duty wall units. If you go over four cubes tall, consider anchoring the unit to the wall with a few childproofing wall anchors. Anchor each side for added security.
  • Don’t forget, you can make them top-loading, too >>
  • Add fabric drawers for even more versatility
  • Versatility
  • Durability
  • Style
  • Assembly
  • Cost
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