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Video DIY: How to Make Custom Recipe Binders & Card Boxes

Recipe binders are a great way to organize all of those clipped recipes from magazines, recipe printouts, and cards all in one convenient go-to cookbook. Customized recipe binders with a few family favorites tucked inside are also wonderful gifts for brides, new moms, kids starting out, or friends and family. Plus we have some ideas for making custom recipe boxes, too!

Here’s a look at how easy it is to make custom recipe binders using the Collected Recipes Cookbook Binder collection. We used to stock this brand and it has a really a great recipe binder starter kit. It’s sold on Amazon now direct from the company, so we no longer sell it — I’ve included links to these items on Amazon below.

You can also create recipe binders from your own materials — most of the binder fillers we use in the video are available at any office supply store.

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