Best-Selling Bundt Cake Pans – Bundt You Want Me, Baby?

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Nordicware bundt cake pans

Yes, it’s a shameful nod to an 80’s song, bundt I hope you will forgive me.

I simply love bundt cakes, and it’s no wonder. If you’ve seen the amazing cakes you can whip up using the fabulous decorative bundt pans from Nordicware, you’d understand why.

Here’s a peek:

Nordicware is a US-based bakeware and kitchenware company, and the majority of their products are made right here in the USA — including their vast selection of bundt cake pans and other baking tools.

I’ve used Nordicware bundt cake pans as long as I’ve been baking, and that’s a long time. In fact, several of my pans were handed down from my mom, so when you see some pans with the word “heritage” in their title, they’re not kidding. Nordicware bundt pans are, to many, family heirlooms that pass from generation to generation, much like a good old cast-iron skillet.

Quality, durability and functional design, all are hallmarks of the Nordicware brand and their bundt cake pans are no exception. They bake evenly and their nonstick surface releases beautifully — though I’m always careful to grease and flour my decorative bundt pans well to ensure a clean release of all the fine details.

My personal favorite is the Heritage Bundt Pan; its blade-style arches are the perfect shape for my Christmas Rum Cakes. I also use the Castle and Fleur-de-Lis pans quite a bit, too.

We stocked and sold Nordicware bundt cake pans and bakeware products for years, and they were hands-down customer favorites. That fact, along with my personal experience with several pans, makes Nordicware bakeware a Top Fave in my book.

Most of Nordicware’s bundt cake pan and bakeware collection ships direct from Amazon now and their pricing is quite good, plus certain designs go on sale regularly. Our best-selling designs over the years are listed here, just click on any pan to see more information or to order from Amazon.

  • Durability
  • Styling & Finish
  • Dishwasher-Safe

Review Summary

Wonderful bundt cake designs that perform perfectly, year after year.

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