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If you’re on the hunt for plastic tableware for any reason — everyday, special occasion, outdoor, or a fun look — you’ll discover a selection that has never been better! Plastic tableware has moved far, FAR beyond thin picnic plates in kitschy designs, thanks to better plastics being developed and growing consumer demand for more durable everyday dinnerware.

For several years, I sourced and stocked one of the largest plastic tableware collections available online. We’re scaling back our collection since many brands now sell direct on Amazon, but I keep on top of what’s happening in the market. Here are reviews of my Top Faves from our own collection, brands we once carried, plus other Fab Finds I know and love.

Our Lines! Bentley, Extremeware & Multi Plastic Tableware

Of course, I must start with my lines! These plastic tableware brands have been with us from the beginning and (thankfully!) the factories are uninterested in selling through the bigger online stores. Even if they did, you probably wouldn’t have the myriad choices we offer like by-the-piece purchasing and mix-and-match colors to your heart’s content. Best of all – they’re Made in the USA!

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Merritt Plastic Tableware

Oh, the many merits of Merritt! This trend-driven manufacturer employs a number of gifted artists to create some very stylish plastic tableware. They create full sets in sturdy, dishwasher-safe, BPA-free melamine plastics in varying thicknesses. They make it all — dinner and side plates, bowls, and plenty of serving pieces, plus some great plastic drinkware, too. Merritt tends to change up their collection every two to three years, so if you see something you like you might consider buying a few extras — you may not find it again.

We carried a huge variety of Merritt plastic tableware over the years — in fact, my everyday plates at home are by Merritt and they’re still going strong after 12 years of daily use. Not bad for plastic dishes! Merritt has been a customer pleaser for years and I’m sure will continue to be. Their products can be found online and also in some small department store chains like Stein Mart.

Le Cadeau French-Inspired Melamine Tableware

Le Cadeau (“the gift” in French) truly is a gift to anyone searching for super high quality plastic tableware with a touch of Provence. Scrolled edges, lovely French-inspired colors under muted patinas, stoneware-like weight, and lustrous finishes all come together in this truly inspired collection. We never carried it because it’s a bit pricey and was available through several large retailers from its introduction, but I have tested pieces over the years and have friends who use it daily. If you’re looking for the very best melamine plastic dishes and serving pieces in that perfect French style, look no further than Le Cadeau.

Certified International Plastic Tableware

Makers of both plastic and ceramic dinnerware, Certified offers one of the largest overall collections on the market and their melamine plastic tableware line seems to grow each year. Along with the stunning designs, I’m most impressed with the look and feel of this line. They craft thick, ceramic-like pieces that appear hand painted, and there are lots of pieces to choose from. We carried many styles in this line for several years and it was a great seller, definitely one to consider!

ZAK Designs Plastic Dinnerware

Another on-trend plastic tableware line that we once carried, I teasingly call ZAK the “pottery barn kids” of the plastic tableware world. I don’t know why, maybe it’s the colors or the clean, crisp design — ZAK reminds me of Pottery Barn catalogs. And that’s not bad! ZAK’s design focus is on color, shape, and minimalist patterns. They offer several contemporary collections with clean lines and nice color choices — all in durable, BPA-free, dishwasher-safe plastics.

Microwave-Safe Plastic Dishes – NordicWare and ZAKwave

There aren’t many players in the world of microwave-safe plastic dinnerware, but these two stand above that small crowd. We carried NordicWare microwave dishes for over a decade and their everyday styling and great price made them a best-seller year-in, year-out. Made of the same high-heat, BPA-free plastic used in their extensive microwave cookware line, NordicWare plates and bowls perform just like the cookware products — wonderfully.

ZAK makes ZakWave which comes in fun contemporary colors and shapes and performs beautifully. Like NordicWare, ZakWave is crafted in a high-heat, BPA-free plastic, but offers the added plus of being conventional oven-safe up to 350 degrees. ZakWave’s durability and modern colors make it a great choice for busy families, plus the high-sided design is very kid-friendly.

G.E.T Commercial Melamine Dinnerware

We carried melamine plastic tableware by foodservice giant G.E.T. for over 15 years, selling to both commercial users and consumers with great success. If durability and longevity are your first concern, G.E.T.’s dishes deliver, and the selection is truly astounding! They’re designed to withstand heavy use in hotels and restaurants — dishwasher to table and back again several times a day — so they’ll certainly take whatever you can dish out at home. The drawback? This brand is generally only available by the case now that we no longer stock it by the piece. But if you’re buying in the dozens, you can find fantastic plastic dinnerware options with G.E.T.