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DIY Super-Duty Refrigerator Magnets


If your refrigerator serves as a combination community information board, modern art museum and play area, you need strong, unbreakable magnets. We searched for good looking (or at least fun) magnets that fit the bill, but finally gave up and made our own using colorful, lightweight foam stamps and self-adhesive magnet strips, both easily found at a craft store.
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  • Assorted Foam Stamps — some come with built-in hangers — we just trim these off with a craft knife
  • Craft Knife and Cutting Surface
  • Self-Adhesive Magnet Strips

Step 1: Trim Hangers (if necessary)

Our toddler chose an array of bright bugs and garden creatures for our refrigerator, all have built-in hangers that we want to remove. Using the craft knife, we carefully cut along the image, leaving a border equal to the precut outline, then removed the hanger portion.

Step 2: Add Magnets

Next we cover a good portion of the stamp with strip magnets so our finished magnet will be extra strong.

Step 3: Finished!

Our toddler has as much fun playing with the magnets as she does showing off her work. And we like the fact that there no longer is an avalanche of paper whenever the door is opened.

Safety Reminder!

As a craft item, foam stamps are intended for use by children over three years old, because if chewed the material can pose a choking hazard. Please use caution and keep magnets out of the reach of young children who may chew on them.



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