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Faves! Plastic Dishes and Glasses Made in the USA

In the age of endless imports filling store shelves, it may surprise (even shock?) you to know that yes, there are still a few things being made right here in the good ‘ol U.S.A.

That includes plastic dishes, glasses and other tableware items. Nice ones, too!

Since we’ve specialized in sourcing great-quality plastics for kitchen and home for well over a decade, we’ve been able to ferret out several U.S. factories over the years and are happy to highlight their excellent lines.

Now to be fair, there are some very high-quality plastic tableware lines that come out of China and Taiwan, especially in the made-for-foodservice products under the reputable G.E.T., Carlisle and Cambro brands.  But we’re particularly pleased with, and proud of, our U.S.-made plastic dinnerware finds, and just thought you’d like to know they DO exist!

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  2. I appreciated finding these suggestions; I recently read something about dementia proofing your home and unbreakable dishes and glasses were suggested. That way if someone drops and breaks something and you’re not around, you won’t find shards of glass, and they won’t hurt themselves either. They suggested things that were not clear as well. Though I’d prefer not drinking out of a colored cup….

    1. Hi Robin, Yes! Many people switch to plastic drinkware and dish options for both dementia and elder care since it’s lightweight and, of course, safer if dropped. Colored glasses are generally recommended as they are easier to see, however, if you prefer a more traditional look, you can opt for a tinted glass versus a bright color — like a subtle blue or green. We have tinted options on our colored plastic glasses page as well as bright and bold colors. Cheers! Krista

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