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Faves! Vintage-Look Toys for Playful Decor Style

Retro- and vintage-look toys are a great decorator trick for adding kid-friendly, whimsical charm to busy family spaces. These fun, stylized toys complement many looks from casual to eclectic, and since they’re modern toys, you can be sure they’re safe to display around little ones.

Antiques vs. Reproductions

True antique toys offer well-loved charm that’s hard to beat, but they can pose safety issues such as lead paint, loose buttons or seams, and small removable parts. New vintage-style reproduction toys marry modern safety standards with yesteryear charm, making them a safer bet when decorating around young children. You’ll find everything from toddler-sized ride-on toys and pull toys to terrific block sets and puzzles, all perfect for adding a playful touch with loads of style.

Several modern toy makers offer safe, functional toys with styling that recalls the olden days.

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