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Fave! Forever & Grand Plastic Drinkware by Prodyne

We stocked Prodyne brand kitchenware for many years and their Forever & Grand unbreakable plastic drinkware lines are tops in my drinkware Top Faves. We no longer carry Prodyne since they sell direct on Amazon now, but we sold it for over a decade, so I know it well. I definitely recommend Prodyne’s Forever and Grand collections if you’re shopping for clear, unbreakable plastic glasses that truly look like glass.

The Forever and Grand plastic drinkware lines offer an array of glasses — plastic tumblers, wine glasses, martini and margarita glasses, beer mugs, pilsner glasses, and pitchers. You can easily create a coordinated set in the sizes and styles you want. I’ve included links to our best-sellers below our review.

Review — Prodyne Forever & Grand Plastic Drinkware:

These glasses are crafted polycarbonate plastic which is dishwasher-safe and virtually unbreakable. In our experience, Prodyne truly delivers on finish, feel and durability.

  • Commercial-quality unbreakable polycarbonate plastic
  • Glass-like, crystal clear polished finish
  • Large assortment of shapes and sizes
  • Used in top hotels and restaurants
  • Commercial dishwasher-safe (that means up to about 140-150 degree-F wash temps)
  • Imported, but made at the better foodservice products factories to consist quality standards
Things to know about before you buy:

For all of Forever’s and Grand’s “Pros” there is one “Con,” though it’s not a big deal for most people.  Over the years, we had a few customers report cracking in tumbler bases – and all of these customers had high-end brand dishwashers. We did a little research and discovered that high-end and some Energy-star dishwashers can reach really high temperatures – up to 180 degrees-F, which is way too hot for any tableware plastic!

Happily, it’s an easy fix. As long as you use a lower heat setting in Energy-star dishwashers (that heat the water), you should not have issues with cracking in Prodyne products, or in any other dishwasher-safe plastic tableware.

BPA — Forever & Grand Drinkware:

These lines are not BPA-free. They are made in polycarbonate plastic which is the preferred plastic for all levels of foodservice for its unmatched durability. Polycarbonate has passed the FDA’s rigorous reviews for foodservice use.

See more information on plastic tableware and BPA.

Best places to buy Forever & Grand Drinkware:

These lines are sold direct from the factory on Amazon and we’ve found they have consistently the best availability and prices online. Locally, kitchen and home stores like Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond carry Prodyne products, but their drinkware selections vary with the seasons. Online is generally the best place to find the complete collection.

  • Durability
  • Styling & Finish
  • Dishwasher-Safe - use lower setting in energy-star dishwashers
  • Price - $$ Very good value for the price

My Review

Great, glass-like drinkware at great prices; terrific finish and feel.

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