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Fave! Napa BPA-Free Plastic Wine Glasses & Stemware

Head2-napa-stemwareThe plastic stemware collection we once sold under the Napa brand now goes by many names — Sonoma, Leadingware, even Wine Enthusiast on occasion. But whatever the name, these plastic wine glasses are a Top Fave in my book. They’re simply the closest match in size, style and feel to quality glass wine stems — and I know! We stocked the full line for years and sold thousands of pieces, many for hotel, bar and restaurant use; plus I use them in my home daily.

Like top wine glass brands such as Reidel, this stemware presents your favorite wine varieties and cocktails at their best; with elegant tapered stems, bowls shaped to enhance aroma and flavor, and thin, glass-like sidewalls. The shape and feel would tempt any connoisseur to enjoy their favorite pours — even in plastic!

These glasses are available under a number of brands through Amazon now so we longer stock the line, but I still highly recommend it. Scroll down below my review to find links to the best deals on Amazon.

Review — “Napa” Plastic Wine Glasses:

These glasses are crafted in BPA-free Tritan plastic which is dishwasher-safe and virtually unbreakable. In our experience, they deliver on durability claims. I don’t recall even one report of breakage or cracking in these wine glasses in the many years that we stocked them.

  • Commercial-quality unbreakable Tritan plastic
  • BPA-free plastic glasses
  • Used in top hotels and restaurants
  • Commercial dishwasher-safe (that means up to about 140-150 degree-F wash temps)
  • Imported, but made at the better foodservice products factories to consist quality standards.

Things to know about before you buy:

For all of this stemware’s “Pros” there is one “Con,” though it’s not a big deal for most people. Tritan plastic tends to have a bit softer surface than the other popular drinkware plastics, SAN and polycarbonate. Tritan plastic products will scratch if washed with a scouring pad, so if hand-washing, use a soft cloth.

Best places to buy “Napa” Plastic Wine Glasses and Stemware:

As I said above, these glasses are now sold under a variety of brand names, but all have consistent sizes and shapes since most come from the same factory. If you’re looking to add to the Napa stemware you bought from us, you should be able to match them with one of these brands:

  • Durability
  • Styling & Finish
  • Dishwasher-Safe
  • Price $$$ Mid- to higher-end for plastic glasses, but a good value

My Review:

Perhaps the best, most glass-like plastic wine glass and stemware collection available today.

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