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A Truly Tea-Riffic Tea Infuser for You Tea Lovers (and Me, Too!)

A tea infuser with its own drip catcher and stand? Come to Momma!
A tea infuser with its own drip catcher and stand? Come to Momma!

I love tea.

Truth be told I love coffee too, but that’s a morning love affair. A nice cup of tea is what I crave for an afternoon pick me up that won’t keep me up all night.

Problem is, I really like to explore teas and drift towards the loose leaf varieties — and I’m adventurous! Black, white, green, oolong, monkey-picked… I love them all! But I do NOT love the loose-leaf tea strainers / infusers made to steep individual cups of tea. I’ve never found one that sealed completely, had holes big enough (or small enough), or was easy to fill…

Until now!

This little tea infuser gizmo by Trudeau is hands-down the best tea strainer I have ever used — and I have even used those uber-expensive silk fill-it-yourself bags! It’s simply the best (in my book) for three simple reasons:

1. It has its own stand with built in drip catcher

this tea infuser fits any cup glass or mug
Cup, glass, mug… you name it. It fits!

2. It’s easy to fill – thanks in large part to the stand mentioned in #1. Just pop the top of the sieve off, fill, and snap closed. The “spoon” sits horizontal to the tabletop, so it’s a no-brainer to fill and — best of all — there are no spring-loaded surprises!

3. The strainer is perfect – it keeps the leaves in and lets the flavor out

Oops… there’s actually a fourth reason, too…

4. It fits in ANY CUP OR MUG. And I mean any… it just hangs over the edge of your mug, glass, goblet, travel tumbler, beer stein… whatever drinkware tickles your fancy for steeping tea – this little sucker will work.

In fact, Trudeau makes a collection of clever tea infusers and accessories that deliver a great brew. We carried many Trudeau items over the years. They’re now sold direct on Amazon so we don’t stock them, but I recommend them with highest marks.

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