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Family-Friendly Home Decor Ideas

Any parent knows that managing a home with busy kids – from toddlers to teens – can pose decorating challenges. But having children doesn’t mean delaying the dream of a stylish home. Our family-friendly home decor ideas cover five simple ways to add easy-care style to any room, on any budget.

1. Start With Easy-Clean Wall Paint

Decorators all agree that a freshly painted color scheme is one of the easiest ways to update a room with minimal costs. Nowadays most paint brands offer many easy-care, easy-clean interior home paints in all sheens, including flat. Any of these durable, scrubbable interior paints are an ideal choice for updating family spaces in an easy-clean style.

2. Add Pop with Functional Fabrics

Here’s another low-cost decorator trick – freshen up seating areas with colorful, easy-care throw pillows. Try easy-clean removable and washable throw pillow covers, or find pillows made from stain-resistant faux suede and microfiber fabrics.

Pillows made from outdoor fabrics offer an array of easy-clean colors, patterns, and textures that work great indoors, too. Amazon carries a great selection of easy-care and washable throw pillow covers year-round.

3. Stash Toys Away in Style

Storage-style furniture, accent pieces, and decorative boxes are great ways to store away kid’s toys in family spaces. Add a few storage cube footstools in seating areas, stash a mini-trunk under an end table, or place a few stacking baskets or trunks in a corner. These strike the perfect balance between practicality and style for kid-friendly living spaces.

4. Accessorize with Kids in Mind

Keep headaches – and cleanup – to a minimum by accessorizing family rooms with kids in mind. Breakable accents and collectibles are best displayed on mantles or higher shelves. In kid-accessible areas consider adding decorative touches like containers, candlesticks, and figurines made from break-resistant materials like wood, acrylic, resin, or metal.

Speaking of candles, did you know that open-flame candles are a leading cause of accidental fires? Avoid this home fire safety hazard by using stylish battery-operated candles—especially in homes with busy kids. You can find a full range of styles to suit any decorating or lighting needs.

5. Step Up Floor Style with Easy-Clean Rugs

Area rugs add style and comfort to any room, but they’re a magnet for kids’ spills and smudges. To combat this, consider easy-clean indoor-outdoor rugs in busy family spaces. These versatile area rugs work equally well indoors as well as on patios and in outdoor rooms.

Indoor-outdoor area rugs deliver soft-touch textures that mimic indoor versions but are made of easy-clean, moisture- and mildew-proof fibers. So, they’re easy to spot-clean for minor spills, and, unlike indoor rugs, they can be taken out and hosed down for a deep-down clean.

Indoor-outdoor area rugs come in a huge variety of colors, styles, sizes, and shapes, too. You can start your search with Amazon’s huge selection.

Family-Friendly Home Decor Ideas: The Bottom Line

Family-friendly homes don’t have to be devoid of style. There are plenty of simple, low-cost ways to decorate with livability in mind, no matter your budget.

Start with easy-clean wall paints, fabrics, and rugs so your home is ready to take on life’s inevitable messes. Then add a few storage-style furniture pieces to keep things tidy, and durable accents for kid-friendly style.

Have some family-friendly home decor tips of your own? We’d love to hear them! Please share in the comments below.

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