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Fave! Michley Unbreakable Plastic Tumblers & Wine Glasses

The Michley collection is one of my personal favorites. It’s crafted from restaurant-grade BPA-free Tritan plastic and made to withstand the bumps, bonks and splats of busy bars and restaurants. So it’s sure to meet the demands of indoor and outdoor dining at home.

Top Picks in the Michley Plastic Drinkware Collection

When I first reviewed Michley four years ago, I knew this high-style plastic drinkware and wine glass collection was destined for the ranks of my Faves and Finds. It offers a full range of tumbler and stemware styles — all at great prices — and has held up to daily use in my home for several years. It’s just a terrific value in plastic drinkware.

Michley’s styling is top-notch, too. The collection’s wine and champagne glasses feature elegantly tapered stems and its tumblers look like they came straight off a bistro table in the heart of Paris.

The entire Michley collection is crafted in crystal-clear, virtually unbreakable, BPA-free Tritan plastic. This is a restaurant-grade, dishwasher-safe plastic designed to last for years even with daily use.

Michley unbreakable plastic drinkware sells directly through Amazon. The pricing I’ve found there is extremely reasonable, especially considering the level of style, finish and performance that this line delivers year after year.

  • Durability - Tritan plastic is virtually unbreakable
  • Styling & Finish - Gorgeous, Elegant and minimal to no mold marks or seams
  • Dishwasher-Safe - and BPA-Free!
  • Price - Can be pricey but it's often on sale on Amazon (5-Stars when on sale!)


One of my Top Faves in plastic drinkware overall, and my Top Fave for 2016 in plastic wine glasses & stemware due to the elegant styling and variety of shapes and sizes.

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    1. Hello,

      I’m sorry! I don’t think this seller offers customization. Some screen printers can imprint this type of plastic, but you’d probably need to check in your area.

    1. Hi! a 12- or 14-oz glass is a good size for a 9-oz pour. 12 if a white wine as a smaller glass lends to a longer chill, but probably a 14 for a red. Hope this helps!!! Krista

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