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break-resistant glasswareIf you just gotta have glass, these are the glasses you gotta have!

Anyone who frequents knows I focus on high-end plastic drinkware and tableware for restaurants and homes, so why in the world would I write a break-resistant glassware review? Well, during my many years as a kitchenware buyer, I sourced loads of glassware for my restaurant and hotel customers, plus carried several ultra-durable glassware lines in my online retail store. Since I’m often asked about durable alternatives to plastic glasses, I figured it was time to share my Faves and Finds from the world of break-resistant glassware.

Now don’t be fooled — glass drinkware will never be truly “unbreakable” like high-end plastic glasses, but certain types of real glassware are remarkably sturdy and hold up beautifully in busy homes. So if you like the convenience and safety of plastic, but don’t like the idea of using plastic glasses day-to-day, break-resistant glassware is an ideal choice.

Glass treatments such as annealing, tempering and even infusing with titanium molecules during production create very tough, break resistant glassware that withstands everyday knocks, bumps, spills and even drops. That means it survives being tipped over on tables, shuffled about in the sink and clanked in the dishwasher — situations where regular glasses and stemware often meet their demise.

Shopping for break-resistant glassware is pretty easy these days. There are a few well-known brands — Picardie by Duralex, Julie by Mikasa and Tritan by Schott-Zwiesel to name a few — that clearly advertise their products as break resistant in their online product descriptions. Amazon has a huge selection — of course — and here are my personal faves.

Break-Resistant Glassware Top Faves: